Desist From shaking Hands During Outbreak Of Diseases Is Allowed In Islam – Cleric


By; MAIDUGU ALI, Damaturu

Desisting from hand shaking during the outbreak of diseases is allowed in Islam.

This was disclosed to New Nigerian Newspapers by a renowned Islamic Scholar, Malam Ibrahim Damaturu while speaking on the current situation in the country.

Quoting from the Holy Qura’n and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him, the renowned Islamic Clergy, said, hand shaking is a tradition of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him also it is a symbol of peace and unity among the society.

The Islamic Clergy explained that, if there is an outbreak of disease it is allowed to desist from the hand shaking, adding that Islam is a complete way of life and it teaches the Muslim Ummah how to protect against any forms of calamities.

According to him, Assalaam alaikum means peace be upon you by a Muslim brotherhood is compulsory but whenever Muslim shakes hands with Muslim brothers he would be rewarded by Almighty Allah.

According to the Islamic Clergy, health is first before any other business, therefore, he called on Muslim Ummah to exercise patience with the current situation and continue praying for protection from the CoronaVirus and all forms of calamities within the society and beyond.


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