Damaturu Residents Adhere To Preventive Measures Against Covid-19


By; MAIDUGU ALI, Damaturu

Residents of Damaturu, the Yobe State capital have so far, strictly adhered with the reeled out preventive measures to protect against COVID-19, also known as CoronaVirus.

This followed the outbreak of CoronaVirus in the world including Nigeria.

New Nigerian Newspapers went round Damaturu the state capital and spoke with some residents who covered their mouths and nose as a result of the outbreak of CoronaVirus.

It would be recalled that late December 2019, the outbreak of CoronaVirus started from China with the epic center in Wuhan province.

Due to the wide spread of the disease, Nigeria recorded its first index case in Lagos.

The outbreak of the CoronaVirus has spread to many countries across the globe which include United States of America, Spain, China, Italy, United Kingdom among others.

Against this development in Damaturu the state capital, many residents complied with some preventive measures to protect against contacting  the disease which includes covering the mouth with masks, washing hands regularly with soap and running water as well as applying sanitizers especially in business areas such as restaurants, MTN offices, commercial banks where customers apply hand sanitizers before entering the halls.

Speaking to New Nigerian Newspapers seperately, Muhammad Ahmed, Tahir Modu and Malam Abbati said, medical experts have advised the public to cover the mouth, nose and use hand gloves to prevent themselves from the disease that’s why they are practising it.

New Nigerian Newspapers visited business centers such as Twinkle Restaurant, MTN office along Maiduguri Road and some commercial banks where customers were applying hand sanitizers and washing their hands with soap before entering the premises.

Also in UBA Bank along Gujba Road, customers were tested with temperature machines before they were allowed into the bank.


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