New Nigerian Newspapers Lecture: Experts Identify Drug Addiction, Negative Influence Of Social Media As Causes Of Suicide

New Nigerian Newspapers corporate head office


As Nigeria continues to record cases of suicide across various States of the Federation , Clinical Health Practitioners have identified drug addiction, alcoholism, negative Influence of social media as causes of suicide in the society.

This was the position of Abiola Tajuddeen, a Clinical Health professional with Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Barnawa Kaduna while delivering lecture on effects of suicide and ways of preventing it particularly amongst Nigerian Youth whom he said were the future leaders of tomorrow that needed concerted efforts from governments at all levels to put them in the right paths and direction in order to have a better tomorrow that would be the pride of all.

Dr Tajuddeen lamented absence of strong institutions saddled with core responsibilities of liaising with heads of households in Nigerian society to identify family members whose behavioural patterns have become inconsistent with norms and culture of the society so they could be counselled and taken into asylum for round the clock treatments.

He said human beings needed at least eight hours of sleep every night for optimum and effective performance at duty during the day, according to him , ” human brain is a delicate organ and the best gift man is endowed with by his Creator. Therefore, when one abuses drugs and other substances of intoxication, he or she is inviting trouble to his mental and physical well being , which would have a great domino effects in the future.

” As an individual continuous in this line of drug abuse , he is becoming more and more less useful to himself , his family and the society at Large.

” Accumulation of negative effects of drug use and abuse could lead to high state of depression consequently an individual may find no benefits to live and he may resort to take his life.

” Social Media is a useful platform of gaining knowledge and great academic discourse but it could also be a bad influence especially on our naive youth who tend to believe as gospel truths whatever they come across on social Media platform such as ; the Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and others, whereas , so many sites are believed to be passing wrong messages that are capable of negatively influencing decisions of our youth regarding how they could handle peer pressures and societal phenomenals .

” Parents must therefore, monitor levels of exposure to social media by their children and checkmate friends who could lead their children astray , ” Dr Tajuddeen said.

Earlier in his remarks, the Acting Managing Director of New Nigerian Newspapers who served as Chaiman of the occasion lauded Joint Union Excos of the Company for their foresight in organizing such an event which he said would go a long way to address high rate of suicide amongst the youth.

He counseled heads of schools in attendance to always pay special attention to their pupils with the sole aim of timely identifying symptoms of depression and nipping it in the bud before it escalated to a case of suicide.

The head of one time prominent Newspaper which is into online journalism challenged relevant stakeholders to as a matter of priority establish centers which core mandates among others should include, door to door campaigns against drug abuse , addressing issues that could lead to suicide and providing short and long term assistance to individuals identified in danger zone of this menace.

He however commended the administration of Governor Nasir elRufai for establishing an agency for fight against drug and substance abuse ( KABUSA)

Zaynab Bukola , an SSS 3 student of Sydney International Academy , Kurmin Mashi Kaduna pledged to be an advocate of fight against drug abuse and pass knowledge gained at the event to others in the school and her community.

In his vote of thanks, Chaiman of NUJ New Nigerian Chapel , Comrade Nicholas Dekera reiterated the Union’s resolve to consistently organize such public lectures for the benefits of staff and members of the society.

He said secondary schools were the main targets for this round of the event adding that important issues of primary concern to the Society would be prioritized in future NNN Lectures.


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