Kaduna Deputy Governor Flags Off Maternal Child Health Week

Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, at the flag-off the Maternal, New-Born and Child Health week held at Kachia Local Government Area in Kaduna State.


The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, on Wednesday, has encouraged parents/care givers to use the opportunity for their children to benefit from healthcare interventions which is free.

Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, made this known at Kachia flag-off the Maternal, New-Born and Child Health week held at Kachia local Government Area in Kadun State..

The Week is observed twice annually to provide an integrated health package to children under five and pregnant mothers free of charge in all public health facilities.

According to her,  “The programme which started on Monday, is an avenue for them to create awareness, adding that,  it is a National programme which is implemented and organised twice in year.

“It is an opportunity for the state to make progress in reversing the indices that they have for maternal health,  new born and child health.

Hadiza explained that, “In Kaduna State we are implanting about 963 primary healthcare facilities,  there are some  private  facilities that want to join as part of social corporate responsibility.”

Speaking further on the services, she said,  there are services for children, immunization,  vitamins A, deworming,  that are provided for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding in order to expand the scope of the services to make a difference.

“One thing is to provide information to people, that will help them make decisions that concern their health,  health education is a major component.”

She spoke on components of transmitting diseases,  “One area is that we transmit a lot of diseases from our hands, therefore, we teach women how to properly wash their hands. We make sure that at the end of that, we have as many women as possible who know the proper way of washing, so that we can prevent all these diseases.

“We are still in a developing country, there are a lot of diseases, more of environmental than diseases of lifestyles, with this development,  we will make very significant progress in providing these services,” she said.

Speaking on immunization, she said, “Actually, we have children up to two million plus that we provide with polio vaccines, they’re about two million children that we immunize across the state in Kaduna alone,” she noted.

“This is to give children  immunity from killer diseases and promote their general health and livelihood”. She added.

Hadiza, further spoke on statistics of children who are immunized,  “We only target children who have means of immunization, we cannot say this is the total in number that we immunize. We hope to cover the bridge that we miss, it is only after that you will know how many we have covered.

“We will make sure that all the children in Kachia are immunized”, she assured.

“I urge you all not to miss this opportunity as it’s the right of every women and every child of Kaduna State to enjoy these facilities which are free.

“When the family is healthy, the father is happy. My advice for the fathers,  is to encourage the mothers, sisters,  friends to be able to attend this service because we need to have healthy homes within our society”, she said.

The Deputy Governor appealed to them to continue to utilize the opportunities they have, stressing that it is only when they use these facilities that the government will do more.

In his remarks,  Honourable Chairman of Kachia Local Government Area, Peter Agite, commended  Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai for  numerous gestures of caring for the people of Kachia.

“He has demonstrated in no small measures that the welfare of its people is his primary responsibility, we have witnessed tremendous changes and development in the health, education and other sectors of human endeavors in the state”.

The Chairman noted that the road networks and schools have been given a facelift, as well as the health  sector, hospitals and clinics have been revamped and renovated to meet international standards.

He added that, in infrastructural development, Kachia Local Government Area is unbelievable.

He expressed sincere thanks and appreciation and stressed that he would forever remain grateful and loyal to people of Kachia Local Government Area.

On her part, the leader of the delegation from development partners, Makinde Idowu,   commended the state government for their support towards a  good sanitation and maternal healthcare, adding that  mothers will enjoy good healthcare.

“Mothers have heard from the Deputy Governor the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, they are assured that the women all enjoy this facilities,” she said.


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