FG’s Ploy Can’t Stop Operation Amotekun – Solidarity Walk Coordinator

Some members of Yoruba World Congress, and other Socio cultural ,militia groups during the support walk for Operation Amotekun in Ibadan. Photo: BAYO AKAMO

*78 Yoruba socio cultural militia groups holds support walk in Ibadan

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Oyo State Coordinator of the solidarity walk organised by the Yoruba World Congress (YWC) in support of the Western Nigeria Security Network,  Operation Amotekun, Evangelist Kunle Adesokan on Tuesday declared that no amount of ploys by the Federal Government can stop the security outfit 
Evangelist Adesokan made this known in Ibadan while speaking at a support walk organised by the Yoruba World Congress, and other 77 social cultural and militia groups across the South west states.
The Coordinator pointed out that with the spate of insecurity in the country, the major concern in and across  Yorubaland is the ” security of life’s and property of Yoruba’s” hence the establishment of operation Amotekun, saying, ” there is no going back on the issue of Amotekun as Yoruba people will not allow foreigners to come and kill their people unnecessary on their land”
“Yorubas are tired of blood shedding since Nigeria is not mean for anybody nor a group of people, or a certain section, of the country. No amount of police can stop us because people want to secure their life and they don’t owe anybody apology in doing this. We are here in our land and has the sense of belonging to accommodate everybody that come to the Southwest for trade and commerce, but we would not allow anyone to come here and be raping our wives, killing our farmers and destroying our farm land.” he said.
The Coordinator stressed, “today is another day of history in our life time, this will serve as our stand for today’s appearance of the real Amotekun to the people of the Southwest. We are addressing our governors and we are giving all our governors in the southwest this solidarity support.” 
According to Evangelist Adesokan, the support walk is to let the world know  that the ” entire Yoruba people are behind Amotekun and there is no going back. No matter the threat from wherever, Yoruba is not going back from the Amotekun plan. We will never allow foreigners to come on our lands to start killing us unnecessarily. We are tired of the blood-letting”.
“Nigeria is for us and for us all. Not for certain section of people. We are here on our own land with a sense of belonging to accommodate everybody to come to the southwest region for trade, commerce and every other legitimate thing, and we will not allow anyone to come here, rape our wives and daughters, kill our farmers, destroy our farms and kill our people unnecessarily. We will not allow that.”
Evangelist Adesokan however on behalf of the leader of Yoruba Worldwide, Prof Banji Akintoye laudedthe South West states governors “for floating the phenomenon security project”, saying, “it is in appreciation of this great ventures that all the Yorubas Worldwide have risen to express their massive support for the project which impliedly is appreciating you.
“While I am therefore appreciating you is why I am thanking you for the challenge which we are posing to you now which is that there should be no retreat in your commitment to the idea until we have peace in our lands and therefore asking you to give your total support across the board to the executing bodies of this project namely, the DAWN Commission and the Yoruba World Congress and our amiable Yoruba leader, Prof Banji Akintoye. Right now, as it is happening here, so also it is in other six Southwest states. We are only trying to tell the Governors that they are not alone in this game”.
He lamented that “it is unfortunate that the people that should give us adequate security refused to do so. What I want to tell you categorically is that security is an environmental matter. You just have to have an idea to secure your own environment. No matter what. In other countries of the world, there are state police, county police and different types in different places. This is what we have been asking for a very long time, restructuring of Nigeria is inevitable. Bringing thousands of police cannot stop the will of the people. People wants to secure their lives and there is no argument about that. We don’t own anybody any apology for doing so.
“We have heard some people from some cultures and tribe threatening that if Yorubas did not denounce the Amotekun project, they will deny us the presidential slot in 2023, we call that ordinary fallacy because Nigeria belongs to us all. As far as we are still in Nigeria, it belongs to us all. No certain section of the country can determine who becomes the president of this country.”
Receiving the groups on behalf of Governor Seyi Makind, the Chief of Staff to the governor, Chief Bisi Ilaka stated that “the idea of Amotekun is one that has come to stay”, saying,” It is not one that’s supposed to rival either the police or other security apparatus which are national in nature”. 
 Chief Ilaka stressed, ” all we’re trying to do is to complement their efforts. It’s a fact that the police cannot be everywhere, they can’t be in all the nooks and crannies of this State but we know that the national security apparatus is well stretched so we’re only trying to complement. But it’s an idea that has come to stay because we have security challenges in this part of the world and in order that we can address them and complement the efforts of the police, this is an idea that has come to stay. I’m sure the commitment that the governors have demonstrated is just the beginning. The demonstrations will demonstrate further commitment to this idea. So, people can buff and puff, nothing is going to change, the idea has definitely come to stay.”
Earlier in the day, the about 78 groups held a solidarity walk organised by the Yoruba World Congress(YWC) in support for the establishment of Western Nigeria Security Network,  Operation Amotekun.
At about 7.30am, armed security agencies  comprising of Policemen , DSS operatives and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps besieged the Remembrance  Arcade spot in front of Oyo state Government House venue of the commencement of the rally while at about 9am, members of the Yoruba World Congress, Odua Peoples Congress, Yoruba Reconciliation   Hunters Group of Nigeria, Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA), Agbekoya group, Atayese, Kaaro Ojiire group, Majiyagbe Group Vigilante group, United Self Determination People, Oodua Liberation Movement, Oodua Sovereignty Defence Agenda, Ojulowo Omo Oodua Group, Soludero group, among others assembled at the remembrance Arcade ground for the take off of the walk.
By 10:55am, members of the various Yoruba groups led by the YWC, Agbekoya; Odua People Congress among others kicked off the walk with solidarity songs in support of the South west governors on Operation Amotekun as well as carried  placards having inscriptions such as “Yoruba Omo Oodua: Protect Yourself, Amotekun”, “On Amotekun we stand”, “We want to know who owns the Land. Amotekun”, No Amotekun, No Hisbah”, amongst others from the Government House to the Oyo state Governors office in Agodi area of Ibadan.


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