Almajiris Eradication: Kaduna Govt Sets-up Committee To Collate Data

File photo: Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development, Hajiya Hafsat Mohammed Baba speaking during the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl-child organized by Women Connect Initiative (WCI) in Zaria.


Kaduna State Government has set up a committee that is saddled with responsibility of collecting data of all Almajiris in the state.

The Commissioner Human Services and Social Development, Hajiya Hafsat Baba said this in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna.

According to her, her ministry has met with the alaramas to know the statistics of how many children are in Sangaya schools in Kaduna State.

“Because   we cannot afford to continue to see our children roaming the streets and be exposed to thses dangers and the harsh condition that  is ongoing,” the commissioner explained.

She reintegrated government’s commitment to ensure that it change the way and manner that the children are been taken care of in the Almajiri schools.

According to some of the  children roaming the streets, they  are  not  from Kaduna State, and that when they get the data, they will have the actual number of children that are from Kaduna State.

“As well as know which local government they came from who are their teachers, where is the school located?  If we find out that the Malam is bringing children from somewhere else, and he is not taking care of them, we have agreed with the Alaramas and  once they are  identified, that the children  are not been taking care of, the malams  will be  sanctioned ” she said.

According to her, the state government has a law  which says every child most go to school. “we want to ensure that these children roaming the streets are taken to  school because education is free from primary to secondary school “

She added that the government is  working harmoniously with the Alaramas and the religious leaders “so that it would see what it can do about the children.”

The Commissioner also said that  the  committee set up has  agreed in order to   present a memo to the 19 Northern Governors, to explain to them the essence of working together and taking care of those children roaming the streets as Almajiris.

She also said that after investigation, there is going to be  a sanction for the  parents, expressing that a lot of times, you find out that the parents abandon their responsibilities.

She further noted that moral upbringing is the responsibility of the parents  and some  of the parents don’t want to do that but rather, they keep on blaming the Government.


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