Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Ex Service Men Plead For Government’s Support

File photo: Nigerian Army personnel


As Nigeria marks 2020 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, ex servicemen and widows of ex servicemen have said that government needs to make greater commitment to alleviate their plights. 

This call was made when our correspondent spoke to cross section of the ex servicemen  during the celebration, which took place at the Mahmud Ribadu Square in Jimeta. 

Master Warrant Officer Yahaya Shembire, who retired eighteen years ago from the Army, described the event as good but pointed out that their exit from service should be done like it is done in developed countries where vehicles and houses are given in appreciation. 

He said that after thirty five years in service,  they are left without recognition while getting their gratuity from government becomes hectic, not consistent and in most situations, nothing to write home about considering the current economic realities in the country.

 In his words,  retired Sergent Yakubu Saleh, appreciated President Muhammadu Buhari for his consideration to their plight but blamed others for their plight pointing out that releasing their entitlements is no longer feasible.

 He blamed the current problem of insecurity on politicians who benefit from the crisis. 

The ex serviceman said Nigerians should strive to remain one indivisible nation despite religious and ethnic differences.

Mrs.  Rehab Linus Dili, who is the Chairperson of the widows of the Fallen Heroes described their situation as pathetic as they are not catered for.

 She lamented that widows of other categories of civil servants have better treatment adding that the Nigeria Legion gives them token, which does not come always. 

Mrs.  Rehab recalled that their husbands paid the Supreme price but their families left behind are not catered for as some of their children are out of school. 

She said during war and other crisis,  women and children are at the receiving end and advocated for skills acquisition and other empowerment packages for the women to enable them fend for other members of the family.


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