Sen Cliff Hires Bulldozers, Begins Road Project To Abandoned Adamawa Community


Sen Cliff Hires Bulldozers, Begins Road Project To Abandoned Adamawa Community

Hold Your Leaders Accountable, Adamawa Senator Urges As He Begins Road To Abandoned Community

Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo Cliff representating Adamawa Northern Senatorial District has traveled to Mukta village, a hinter land community in Fali land of Mubi North Local Area of Adamawa State.
According to him, the Higgi speaking community is bordering Nigeria and Cameron, completely cut off, forgotten with no access road to link them up with other communities in Nigerian and with no social amenities.

“I have hired Bulldozers to open up access roads for these wonderful and resilient Nigerians to link up with our culture, people and market. I hope this little gesture will rekindle their hopes in their country Nigeria.

“The people of this border community prefer to do business with Cameroon rather than Nigeria for lack of access road to Nigeria. They feel every Inch Cameroonians than Nigerians.” He said
Cliff while leading a team of young Engineers to the village, said he is determined to change the narratives of that community and create an access road for them.
He revealed that it was a hideous task the long journey into the forgotten land until there was no more road and they had to trek a long distance and eventually hired motor bikes to take them to the village. 
Abbo reminded the general masses that they must be up and doing to hold political office holders accountable of their  predicament.
”Until the poor masses start holding political leaders accountable, things will not change in this country. Hold leaders accountable to their campaign promises.” Cliff said.
He further said that, “Nigeria is blessed with abundant human and natural resources but we as a nation refuse to prioritize development. 
“How can people be using Donkeys as their only means of transportation in this jet age?
“What we need is not billions of Dollars to change lives. What We need are committed and selfless leaders that are ready to sacrifice. 
“I want to thank those fearless youth that followed me to those hills in between Mandara mountains. 
“My sincere appreciation to the Policemen that said “Oga wherever you go, we will go with you”. May God bless your families and raise great men and women out of your children.”


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