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DG National Arts Gallery Lauded For Stimulating Nigeria’s Economy

President Buhari

By; VITALIS UGO, Calabar

The DG National Art Gallery has been lauded for stimulating Nigeria’s economy through Visual Arts.


commendation was made by a staff of the organisation for keying into President Mohammed Buhari’s agenda to develop arts and culture by stimulating creativity in the sector.

Speaking to newsmen in Calabar,  Mr. Michael Ogabor, a director in the NGA stated that Dr Simon  Ikpakronyi, has introduced professionalisation by making art production such as painting, sculpturing, visual arts, photography, textile painting areas of specialisation through which many people earn a living.

“The visual art sector is often seen through at through a narrow perspective by some people as merely a firm of sculptures and paintings which typically occupy no significant place in society but with the effort of Dr Kupronyi, the average person’s concept of arts has been expanded to include  the visual art, ceramics work,  graphics design,, photography, textiles  thereby highlighting the place of art in the society as a rewarding  economic mechanism”. 

Ogabor said  the sector can be an important part of a country’s economic development and growth strategy—and this growth often comes without huge cost as other sectors.

 He said President Muhammadu Buhari is making significant efforts towards diversifying the country’s economy  from a mono economy sector which is oil to other areas  believed to  be useful in revitalizing and growing the economy faster.

 “Keying into the vision of Mr. President, the Acting Director General of NGA has established a point that the visual art sector is  part of a larger set of tools to accomplish that goal by making arts an essential focal point for economic growth.”

He said the introduction of programmes by the management like in,-house workshops, arts residency trainings, National Symposium on Nigerian Arts, Saturday Arts Club and Children’s Arts Day have rejuvenated the NGA and positioned it to contribute to the nation’s growth. 

According to him, arts generates  employment:for s large population both directly and through associated services.

“Art is one of the noble professions that engages creative minds as well as provide jobs without waiting for white collar jobs which are just too few for the army of graduates on the streets today, he added “.



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