Federal Government Has Been Called Upon To Improve Power Supply For National Economic Growth

Minister of Power, Saleh Mamman


Federal government  of Nigeria has been called upon to bring more ways that can successfully improve the power supply in this country  in order to boosts economy at both rural and urban areas for better livelihood.

The call was made by a local metal worker, Malam Jafaru Yakasai in an interview with New Nigerian when our correspondent visited Santar Makera  metal industry.

He stated that improving power supply would also enable Nigeria’s citizens to remain self reliant in every sector.

He added that, “From what is happening on the issue of power supply in this great nation, it is annoying because Nigeria should  have since forgotten  about the issue of power supply but  all the past administrations failed to tackle the  problem despite the huge amount that were spent on the restoration of constant electricity supply which shows that our  past leaders failed in the sector.”

Malam Jafaru therefore, called on the TRCN to use it’s constitutional power to direct all electricity distribution companies to make electricity available across the country in order to provide  more  employment opportunities to Nigeria’s citizens like what is being seen in many developing countries.


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