Revive Nigeria Airways to enhance Tourism Sector – Ufitfly Urges FG

Team leader of Absolute Success Travels and Tours, the operator of U FitFly brand, Evangelist Ajibola Ogunkeyede

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Team leader  of Absolute Success
Travels and Tours, the operator of U FitFly brand (Ufitfly) , Evangelist Ajibola Ogunkeyede, has called on the Federal Government to without wasting time  revive the moribond Nigeria Airways.
Speaking at the 14th year anniversary/ thanksgiving of the firm held at Mauve 21 Event Centre Ade-Oyo Area, Ring-Road, Ibadan, Evangelist Ogunkeyede declared that this will go a long way in boosting Tourism industry  in Nigeria. 
Evangelist Ogunkeyede stressed that if Federal Government of Nigeria can revive the moribund Nigerian airways,  provide enough aircrafts and allow it to be managed by private entity, tourism in Nigeria will grow.
 “The revival of Nigerian Airways will address the issue of buying tickets in high rocket price and as well enable the travel agencies to shuttle many destinations.” he said.
Emphasizing that Nigeria has a long way to go as far as global tourism is concerned, Evangelist Ogunkeyede, noted, “in global tourism there is nothing call Nigeria, recently, I came back from England where I attended World Travel Market (WTM) Conference, Ghana was there, Uganda was there but Nigeriahas no stand in the conference”.
“This is a world renowned conference, where people come around to sell their countries to investors. Very soon many hotels in the hospitality industry will die because they rely sole on indigenes of their country to survive, there is need for ibvestors to come in, if there are tourist centres it will attract
investors and the country will grow.” 
Speaking further, Evangelist Ogubkeyede disclosed  that the year 2019 has been a great and fantastic year in the history of the company, as the firm has been able to add about eight new destinations, which earned it titled Destination ManagementCompany (DMC), instead of travel agency and that the company has designed about 30 destinations for the
year 2020 to prove to the world that U FitFly is one of the agencies
in the Nigeria that people can rely on.

Speaking further, Evangelist Ogunkeyede pointed out that the ” focus of the company is to be within the first three travel agencies in the whole of Africa continent.
He stressed that the anniversary/thanksgiving  “is to give thanks to God for his protections and to appreciate their clients and partners of the company for their support over the years and that the event is also an avenue to showcase the
destinations secured to their clients to enable them information about
offer the company have for them in the year 2020.


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