Dry Season Farming Going Extinct At Kubanni Reservoir (Investigation)

File photo: A farmer working on his farm at Kubanni reservoir


The dry season farming is slowly going down at Kubanni Reservoir in Zaria Local Government area of Kaduna State as a result of the developmental structures that are about to consume whole farm lands in the valley.

Our reporter in the area reports that the situation at Kubanni valley is becoming uneasy for the farmers that have been working for many years with most of them depending solely on the farm for their livelihood.

Presently more construction works are going on which continue the existing threatening situation to the Kubanni reservoir as well as the dry season farming which has a long history.

Cabbage farm at Kubanni reservoir

Some farmers have expressed fears that with the ongoing situation it appears very soon dry season farming in Kubanni reservoir will be a mere history.

“We are so much concerned that unless Government comes to the rescue of Kubanni reservoir by stopping any construction of structures within the area, if not there is nothing that can stop the reservoir from total collapsing.”

The Kubanni reservoir is used by farmers for producing Maize, Cabbage, Carrots, Wheat, Tomatoes during the dry season farming.

Carrots farm at Kubanni reservoir

Also,  the farmers have decried the inability to be among the beneficiaries of the government’s policy on agricultural support as the true farmers who need assistance to develop their farming activities.


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