Cross River In 2019: A State Full Of Milk And Honey Gone Down The Drain?

Gov Ayade


I saw a state full with milk and honey.  I saw a state taking the first position in cleanliness in the entire country.  I saw a state that its economy was driven by its tourism posture.  I saw a state with the greatest political engineering with one stable political party.  I saw a state that hosted the world through its carnival Calabar and the mountain race.  
All these happened between 1999 to 2015. Today, it has become a mirage.  A mirage indeed for those who knew what I am trying to paint as a picture. 
Cross River State going down down against the wishes of its founding fathers as well as stakeholders cut across the 18 local government areas. 
Funny?  Yes,  it can be described as being funny.  But is this a lie or falacy?  Your guess is as good as mine. 
Lest I forget. What is really happening.  Where are our elders and honourable stakeholders?  A million Naira question.  Haba!  Does it call for a debate. Methink no. 
The dream of Tinapa and Business Leisure Resort,  the clean environs,  the green white green flag etc,  where are they?
If  I am allowed to continue,  the list will be inexhaustible. The Obudu Mountain Race, is dead, water board, tapes dried,  road network written off.  The entire state is in complete confusion.  Nothing is working. Electricity is a taboo.
Sadly,  what is left of Cross River State is “bloodshades” from Obanliku to Bakassi,  cult war raging every day,  every week and monthly.  It has never been easy.  The state which flows with milk and honey is flowing “blood”. No wonder them the state flag is now fearing “red” which so many people had decried. 
From January 2019 till December 2019, it is from one communal clashes to another  the other. In Yala, Boki, Abi and Odukpani with no sign of possible resolutions. What is the chief executive officer of the state doing? Over 1000 lives have allegedly been lost as a result of these wars/conflicts. Property worth millions of Naira were destroyed in the cause of these wars. 
Federal/State Roads  In Cross River, the situation is worse as the have degenerated to dead traps. These  potholes are seen from the coastal area of Bakassi Local Government area to Obanliku in the Northern part of the state.
Since 1999 till date,  Calabar, the state capital  is the worst hit in terms of potholes in recent time.  Nobody cares. No one borders, yet we claim to  have a functional government led by Senator Ben Ayade.  
Goodluck Johnathan Bye-pass which is the domain of companies like Garment Factory, Ayade Industrial Park and Federal Government Girls College is yawning for attention as deep gullies have littered the entire stretched of the more than 25 kilometer road. It was meant to Police Training School and Barrack is located can no longer be accessed from Barracks Road end due to the gully that has bisected the road into two. The Watt Market Roundabout which is always a cynosure of all eyes during Christmas as Masquerades display to the admiration of the public and fun seekers before paying homage to the deities of the land is now bordered by an uncommon seaport.
The truth must be told,  and if it must be told,  our elders have disappointed  alot of Cross Riverians in refusing to point accusing fingers on this administration. 
Agba Jalingo and Joseph Odok have been incarcerated for no reasonable charges against them by this administration.  The question is “now that Buhari has ordered the release of Dauski and Sowere, when shall they be set free”?


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