Factions Battle For Control Of Adamawa YOWICAN

Church building of National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja

*Oaya’s led faction authentic, says bloc leader


It appears all is not going well with the entire leadership of Adamawa State chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), as its Youth wing is embroiled in a factional leadership crisis and tussle.

A faction under the leadership of Pastor George Oaya has during a congress at the YOWICAN secretariat in Yola, said their status of duly elected Excos of the youth organization is undeniable and they are in charge in running the affairs of the union.

The officials with George Oaya as the chairman chairing a congress meeting, said they have alerted the security agencies and the generally public to be wary of individual(s) or group parading themselves as the new EXCOs of the union.

George in a text of the press briefing,  later made available to newsmen, said Saturday 14 December election conducted was a ”kangaroo” one to bring and disrupt the oeace and unity of  Christian community and Adamawa larger society, and was pure covert under the sentiments of a particular tribe domination.

According to him, the purported YOWICAN election was conducted amidst serious election irregularities with illegible voters claimed to be YOWICAN  members and assembled last Saturday 14the December,2019 at EYN Church was illegal and at war with the norms of the association.

Oaya while taken the congress floor  said the entire leadership structure of the Union,local government representatives and the various blocs that made of the state YOWICAN with the exception of Catholic bloc are there to show their infringing support and loyalty to his style of leadership.
He stressed that his legitimacy of being the Youth President of CAN in Adamawa state stands and unshakable,and genuine elections are conducted by zonal leaders not hired crowd and mercenaries to achieve selfish aims.
“YOWICAN elections in States are conducted by the Zonal leaders, after the expiration of three years tenure, the tenure of the present executive committee members will expire on the 18th May, 2022. What would have warranted the conduction of an election, while the tenure of the present Exco is still intact?”
“We the Exco and indeed the entire YOWICAN members of Adamawa State were surprised by what some people who are not members of YOWICAN who gathered in EYN church on Saturday 14th December, 2019, and conducted a purported and charred election, for a new executive members.”He said
Oaya in the press statement opined that there was no any official or formal notification from the national,zonal Office or else where that election is going to take place to replace them.
“We have not received any instrument from either the National or Zonal Exco members of CAN, informing us of our dissolution, so when the purported election was going, we called the national and the zonal Secretariat to know from them if they were aware of the so called election, their answers were resounding NO. We later confirmed that the unscrupulous exercise was directed by the Adamawa state CAN, who does not have the constitutional right to dissolve  or conduct YOWICAN Exco or election.
“In the light of the aforementioned, therefore the purported election is illegal, Luciferically conceived and executed, with the intention to cause breach peace, confusion, disunity and undermine the sanctity of the Christendom as well as the autonomy of the various blocks that constitute CAN as a whole.”
The Statement further read that:” We refused to be provoked to illegality, or taking authority in our hands, therefore chose the part Of peace, and call on the peace loving youth and Christians in general to disregard the so called new YOWICAN Exco members. As Pastor George Steven Oaya is still the chairman of YOWICAN, his Exco and the entire members are solidly behind him.
“We also wish to warn all and sundry, never to have anything to do with the purported new Exco; as they are impostors and never meant well for the Christian family in Adamawa state in particular and Nigeria as whole.”
George who signed and red the press statement during the Congress was quoted calling on the general public, the security agencies to be wary of the alleged new Exco and however warn the so called new Exco never to parade themselves as  the Exco of YOWICAN, for if they do,  they  would have the wrath of the law to contend with.
The Saturday’s Congress brought together leaders of TEKAN/ECWA,CCN,PFN/CPMF, and OAIC, and all the LGA representative affirmed their support and loyalty to Pst George Oaya’s led faction.
Speaking on behalf of the bloc leaders,Mr Ajine Delo  who is the CCN Youth Bloc leader said it is in a congress like this one leaders of YOWICAN emerges not through a  charred meeting concocted by some people with primordial and parochial interest that the leaders of YOWICAN emerges.
“I want to tell you we are the YOWICAN,nobody else where have notify us that we are been dissolved and an election should be conducted without a formal notification to us,this a crime committed of the highest order against the constitution of YOWICAN.
“We are here through a genuine electoral process of YOWICAN under the umbrella of the mother CAN,same goes to our able state Chairman,he remain a substantive leader of our Union,genuine and duly elected by us,so nobody should deceive of another officials of YOWICAN in the state.
“George Oaya remains our authentic leader and our due royalty is to him with no regrets,no second thoughts and betrayal.” Adeno said
Godwin Joseph is the newly elected Chairman of YOWICAN whose victory is being challenged  “because of “selfish reason” to oust George on age ground as alleged by Mr Adeno.
On his response, Mr Joseph held on the section of the YOWICAN constitution that reiterated a fresh election shall there be any wrong information about a particular elected leader to have breached the laws of the Union.
According to Godwin that after the election that brought in George as a duly elected chairman later discovered is over aged and his election stands dissolved.
He refuted that the zonal official that conducted the first election won by George was the same people conducted the December 14th election.
To have much clarity on the protracted Crisis rocking the entire CAN in Adamawa,the CAN chairman,Bishop Dami Steven Mamza phone was “saying switched off.”
TGNEWS send an SMS to him wanting a response over the issues of the youth group under his leaders,to the time of filing in this report he has not responded.
Anthony Elisha who is the secretary of the State mother CAN and believe to be the custodian of the constitution of the mother Union,when contacted through a telephone interview simply said:
“I’m not aware election was held somewhere and CAN conducted or aware of something like that,all I know in YOWICAN there is a leadership under Pst George Oaya and nobody has dissolved them or a faction else where exist.” He said
It is on clear term the emergence of the Godwin led faction has further thrown the Christian Youth group into two waring faction,this according to Adeno is the work of those enemies in the fold of Christian community who are bend in making sure Christians will never be united under whichever guise and because of their personal interest.
Ajino alleged that the state CAN chairman is receiving advice from scrupulous Youths who have messed up their opportunities while leaders of various Christian groups.
He condemned the decision by Mamza leadership to have bowed to the pressure of the choice of Joseph as a supposed leader of YOWICAN.
He revealed that Joseph has been withdrawn from been a bloc leader of TEKAN/ECWA  because they lost confident on him.
He revealed that Joseph does not have the moral egos to be the chairman of YOWICAN in the state because of his disobedient attitude to the constituted bloc.
In a letter signed by Rev Ezekiel Gumiya as the Chairman of TEKAN/ECWA fellowship,copied to Godwin Joseph and made available to TGNEWS said their decision is based on the participation in “the purported YOWICAN election that was conducted at EYN Church on 14the December,2019 with fake delegates,despite the decision of the bloc not to participate in the said election.”
“We write to inform you that Bro Godwin Joseph have been withdraw from participating in all YOWICAN activities with immediate effect as the bloc is taken the disciplinary measures of Bro Godwin Joseph to curtail further occurrence.
“We are equally disassociating ourselves from the YOUTH CAN ELECTION” that was said to be conducted last Saturday. We still maintained our position that we did not send any delegates to represent TEKAN/ECWA in the said election.” The lead reads


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