Zamfara: Yari’s Loyalists Dare Matawalle To Prove Allegations Against Him Or Forever Remain Silent

Immediate past Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State


Loyalists of immediate past Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari have challenged Governor Bello Matawalle to prove his allegation against his predecessor or forever remain silent.

They expressed this at a press conference, which signed text by the convener, Comrade Isah Haruna Gusau was made available to our correspondent non Thursday December 5, 2919.
The group warned that this should be the last time, the Governor should make Dr. Abdul’aziz Yari the target of his “dumbfounded, narrow and shallow baseless accusations and rather focus on governance.

“Well meaning citizens will forever stand resolute against impunity and dictatorial tendencies of self appointed demigods, as law abiding citizens and loyalist of His Excellency, the former Governor, we challenge Governor Bello Matawalle to be bold enough to substantiate his allegation of the involvement of Dr. Abdul’aziz Yari in promoting insecurity or keep quiet forever,” it stated.
The group pointed out that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Chapter 4 subsection 41 clearly states that “Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria should be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereby or exit therefrom”, with this the sacred constitution has left no one in doubt that the laws of our land guarantee the right to movement of law abiding citizens.

“It is on record that His Excellency Dr. Abdul’aziz Yari have served Zamfara State with honesty, diligence, accountability and fear of God and the records are there in public domain for everyone to see.

” The security challenges experienced during his stint as the Governor of the state are not peculiar to Zamfara State alone, but almost in every every state and across the world. There is always one security challenge or the other to contend with. 

“What differentiates the former Governor with the current state actors is his refusal to chose the path of cowardice, a path where political leaders who swore to protect the lives and properties of their constituents will stoop so low to negotiate with criminal elements and even pay them handsomely not to perpetrate their criminal activities. 

“This peace is anchored on the wrong presumption, as a criminal can only change face but not his criminal tendencies.
“H/E Governor Bello Matawalle should understand that his occupation of the seat is nothing but a product of JUDICIAL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, the good people of Zamfara State have never shy away from detesting and rejecting his candidacy in all the  platforms he contested for this position as such he should be magnanimous enough to enjoy his court given tenure in peace and strive hard to make an impact so that he can be remembered positively, because as it stands today he has not only deviated from proper governance but has also chosen to pursue shadow just to cover his lack of performance in providing  basic essentials of livelihood to the people.
“Our mentor, the former Governor is a well established grassroot politician and will always come to Zamfara State on invitation or free will as is backed by the constitution to hold political meetings and engagements,” they stressed.

They further said that the political structures are already being rejuvenated across board to take over from the temporal PDP leadership.
“This is why it becomes important to Governor Matawalle to focus on governance and demonstrate his capacity if at all he has any.”
They said that even though it is their hope and prayer for peace to reign in Zamfara State, the governor should understand that the current arrangement for  ceasefire with the bandits is nothing but a surface dressing that will not endure to stand the test of time.

“We call this Press conference as concerned citizens who felt that at no point in time should people choose what to obey and what not to in our constitution,” they concluded.


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