Plateau Police Vows Crackdown On Hoodlums



The  Nigeria  Police Command in  Plateau State  has vowed  to  crackdown on  groups  of hoodlums a.k.a “Sarasuka” disturbing and  posing threat  to the  peace  of the  people  of the state 

The Commissioner  of Police  Plateau  State Command, Akin Moyede revealed  this  to  journalists in a press  briefing  to review  the  command’s  activities in the  state  for  the  past  five (5) weeks held  at  the command’s  headquarters on the  21th  Nov, 2019.

“Reports  reaching  us revealed  that, these  group  of street urchins are  causing problems  to  the  cooporate peace of the  state and the  security  is set to go after  them to  smoke them  out from  where  they  may  be  hidding and  bring  them  to  justice “.

The Commissioner  of Police  solicited  the  cooperation  of the    people of the  state  to report any link that  will  lead to  the  arrest of the hoodlums. 

“These  bad people  terrorising    our state, community and neighborhood  live  with  us, they are  our brothers, for the  interest  and the peace of the state, we  beg  you  to  avail  the  police credible  information that  could  lead to the arrest of this group.”

In a similar  development, the  Commissioner said for  the  past five  weeks, the  command  has  arrested no fewer  than 34 persons  with  various crimes, some  have  confessed to the  crime, while  some are  still  under going  interrogations  and  investigation, they  will  be  charged to  court  as  soon  as investigation is concluded. 

Those paraded  before  journalists  include, unlawful  possession of fire  arms and ammunition, illegal  fabrication  of fire arms, culpable homicide.

The  police  also  paraded twenty-one  suspects in the case of criminal  conspiracy, mischief, causing  hurt and culpable homicide which  they will  soon be charged to court  as soon  as  investigations are  completed. 


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