We Establish Business Ventures For Humanity Sake – Olumba

The founder and leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba Olumba Obu

By; VITALIS UGOH,  Calabar

The leadership of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a spiritual movement with international headquarters in Calabar,  Leader Olumba O.  Olumba  has said that the organisation decided to  venture into establishment of various businesses such as factories, banks, schools, orphanages, and media firms in the interest of humanity. 
Also,  the organisation floats a  football club in the state as well as other cities across Africa. 
Speaking  to newsmen to announce the upcoming ‘Heavenly Father mega celebration’ with the theme: “The Impact of Heavenly Father on the Human Family”, the spokesman of the spiritual organisation, Christ Ambassador Edet Archibong said the firms were established to the benefit of humanity adding, the are sustainable and will outlive many generations”.
Archibong said, “time has come for wealthy individuals, corporate firms, churches and organisations to intensely look towards creating more businesses and employment opportunities for the ever increasing population of young Nigerians as a way of curbing unemployment, mounting crimes, boredom, laziness and poverty”.
He said apart from building the spiritual health of individual persons with the aim of turning their minds towards God which the BCS has thrived over the years, they find it imperative to also build the physical body by creating means of livelihoods for individual happiness and well being.
He said  that the spiritual leader of BCS, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, had found it necessary and imperative to also build the physical man to enable him live a useful social life in happiness and peace with himself through establishment of array of industries such as multimillion Naira rubber processing factory in Biakpan. 
“We have established large scale farms, bakery, media outfits, group of schools, orphanages; scholarship foundation, hospital and even about to be registered Amen Football FC.   All these are to contribute to the socio-economic enhancement of Nigeria to reduce unemployment. 
“We can confidently confirm that we are the largest employer of labour in the state after the government, and 70% are not members of our organization, he added.”.
Archibong said the enterprises have been around over the years and all are sustainable.
According to him, “the spiritual leader also has many Nigerians and non-Nigerians on his scholarship programmes and many are studying in local and foreign secondary and tertiary Institutions.
“Our Father has singlehandedly sponsored over 2000 persons in local and foreign schools, many of the students are not Nigerians.
” Apart from education and establishment of enterprises, many communities in Niger Delta region and elsewhere have had their disputes settled upon approaching him.”.
On frequent political frictions, killings, kidnappings, social unrests and corrupt enrichments, Obu “said it was because the prescriptions of love one another and forgiveness of adversaries have been abandoned in pursuits of self glory and greed.”.
“The governance of man is characterised by hatred, falsehood, discrimination, intimidation, killings, imprisonment and injustice but now the Heavenly Father is here to lead by example, to judge and select., he added. .”
“All these killings, fighting, hatred division, corrupt enrichment, embezzlement of public funds, lack of contentment,  inordinate desires for positions and wealth are as a result of lack of love. If we have love no one will hate or kill another let alone steal public funds.”
On the mega celebration of Heavenly Father coming up from 18 to 24 November 2019, he said no fewer than 30,000 faithfuls outside  former chief security officer to late General Sani Abacha, Major Al-Mustapha who said he wants to come and thank Obu for helping him when he was in prison.
 Others are traditional dignitaries like Prince Bello Ado Bayero of Kano, Prince Ibrahim Shehu Idris and wife from Zauzau, the Etsu of Kwali kingdom. Other dignitaries are coming from UK, USA


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