Surveyors In Oyo State To Compete With Others Worldwide In Areas Of Modern Tools – Institute

Gov Makinde of Oyo State

*trains 250 practising Surveyors

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Oyo State Chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS),  Prince Aderemi Kobiowu on Tuesday disclosed that surveyors in the state are to be equipped to compete favorably with their counterparts across the globe in the area of modern tools in surveying
Prince Kobiowu stated this in Ibadan while speaking at a one day training for Surveyors in Oyo state during which no fewer than 250 practising surveyors in the state participated in the annual mandatory continuous professional development programme .
The Oyo state NIS Chairman noted  that both the government and the general public are to benefit from Continuous Operating Reverence System (CORS) station which is a new technology in the field of surveying, saying, “the lecture that is going on is mainly on CORS station and when we say CORS station, it is a control”.
“We have been having different controls but we now observed that most of these controls are uprooted. Now, we look at that in Oyo state we are going to have a good platform in such a way that if all of us are connected to a particular station, our work will be easy. The issue like overlapping will not occur again and we will be having good jobs. Even the quacks who don’t have access to these stations will be forced to meet the registered surveyors.” he said.

Prince Kobiowu added, “the first benefit is that we will be having a good surveys. Two, on the aspect of the government when it is established, mapping of the whole state will be easy. We want to map any area, it will be easy.”
” A CORS station has covered about seventy kilometres. If it is established here, and you are in Oyo, you can connect to it. If you are in Iseyin, you can connect to it. We are going to have one in Ibadan, one in Saki and one in around Ogbomoso to take care of the whole state. So that anywhere in Oyo state you can connect to any CORS station. So, it is of benefit to the general public and the government. 
In his lecture, a lecturer from the Federal School of Surveying, Oyo, Surveyor Felix Ola pointed out that the program was organized in order to train surveyors in new technologies, saying, “we want to use new technologies, that is what is known as CORS, Continuous Operating Reverence System.”
” It is a technology that will make our data reliable. This is the technology that will give decision makers real data. It has application in surveying. The seminar today is to sensitize our people what Oyo state want to do. So we want to establish a new technology in Oyo state, we want to monitor it. This will make the public have confidence in our work. It will bring development to the state. 

Chairman of the planning committee who is also the Chairman committee on the actualization of CORS and a member of Federal Housing Authority , Surveyor Ibrahim Busari while speaking said that the need to tackle some of the challenges facing Surveyors in the state made the NIS to organise the program. 

“The practising of surveying in Oyo State has various challenges and we agreed to have this program in oder to overcome some of thee challenges. We are charting a cause to overcome these challenges, so that we can be in charge of our profession. We have a lot of sharp practices, challenges on developmental projects around us.”he said. 
Surveyor Busari added, “we want to establish CORS, it is a new development, we will have a station that will not be tampered with. It will help us to get accurate information. As you are on the spot you will get the information.”
“We want to eradicate sharp practices, before you practice, you have to go to the school get certificates, take surveying examination. This is what we want to achieve. We want to eradicate a situation where sub standard equipment would be used for surveying”. 
The Chairman, Association of Private Practising Surveyors (APPS) Surveyor Oguntade Ademola in his remark called for synergy between the practitioners and the office of the Surveyor General. 


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