Kaduna’s Story Can Change From 40 Years Of Crisis To Peace – Idowu-Fearon

Representative of Governor Nasir el-Rufai, Kaduna State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Honourable Samuel Aruwan (middle) with other invited guests at the Passing out Parade of 78th Regular Recruits Intake at the Nigerian Army Depot, Zaria on Saturday October 19, 2019.


Contrary to what was obtainable within the last 40 years which led to the polarisation of Kaduna metropolis, the next 40 years has potentials of changing the story to that of peace, love and unity between the adherents of the two major religions in the state.

Chairman of the Kaduna Peace Commission (KAPECOM), His Grace, Joshua Idowu-Fearon expressed this, while speaking at the Leadership and Capacity Development Training Session with Religious Leaders in Kaduna State on October 29, 2019.

“The next 40 years are full of the potential of peace. The coming years do not have to resemble the last 40.

“Together, with our minds open and our hearts ready, we can turn Kaduna around. I sincerely believe that one day, our grandchildren, great grandchildren, even those not yet born, will look back with pride at the work we have done to make the future a safer, better, brighter place for them to live,” he said.

KAPECOM Chairman however, said that to achieve the above, we must be loving and compassionate to members of our faith and to those outside our faith.

“We must maintain integrity and accountability as trusted and respected leaders of our communities.

“We must remain humble. A religious leader must be courageous and confident without letting his ego get in the way. Humility often makes a leader more approachable, helps a leader to lead with kindness and gentleness, so his teachings of love, peace, unity and forgiveness are respected and well received.

“We must have the perseverance to keep going even though difficulties may arise.

“We must be vocal advocates for dialogue and peace.

“We must remain willing to understand the other faith. This includes asking questions, wishing them well during their religious holidays, and showing that we care to know more.

“We must keep open mindedness at the forefront of our minds,” he charged.


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