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Forget 2023 Presidency, National President Fulani Youth Tells Igbo, Yoruba



National President of Fulani Youth Leader, Alh Saidu Maikano Adamu his said there is no vacancy for the Yoruba, Igbo’s and Niger Delta in the presidency come 2023, they should all scrabble for the position of Vice President as the performance of President Muhammadu Buhari in the last four years has overwhelmed that of the  former President, Goodluck Jonathan, and General Olusegun Obasanjo regimes.

The Youth leader reiterated that welfare of Nigerians is more paramount to the progress of  oneness considering what Buhari had surpassed all the two regimes in the rebuilding process .

He  said with the development on ground President Muhammadu Buhari has done credibly well in the area of infrastructure, which is why they are calling on Nigerians to support his third term reelection bid.

Adamu stressed that the people of North West have demonstrated that they are leaders starting with Musa Shehu Yar’a adu, Umaru Yar’a adu and now Buhari did the same to show everyone that he deserves to go for another tenure in office .
“Since nobody from the South-South, South East and South West had beat the records of achievements of the President, so we are calling on them to put aside their ambitions and drum unalloyed support to the people’s president.”
According to him, the APC government has repositioned the country to warrant continuity of their amiable leader because of his incorruptible mind in fighting corrupt Nigerians who have siphoned public money to their personal use .
He added that Nigeria doesn’t need zoning arrangement but leaders that can transform and redirect the resources for the common good of all citizens . 



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