Niger Commissioner Sanctions Staff Nurse Over Unprofessional Conduct

File photo: Medical personnel seen attending to some of the affected students in a public hospital in Kaduna. Photo : BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

A staff nurse at the Jummai Babangida Aliyu Children and Neonatal arm of the Minna General Hospital on Sunday narrowly escaped being sacked for allowing two days old twins sleep on bare floor but was lucky to get away with a three months work without a break.
The state’s commissioner for Health and Health Services, Dr. Muhammad Maku Sidi was on a visit to the health facility to see things for himself following complaints about unprofessional conducts of some medics at the children hospital, particularly their uncourteous disposition to patients on admission.
The nurse is to work every day for ninety days without break, duty shift, nor leave as punishment over her unethical conducts and show of disrespect to medical laws practices and acts that are inimical to humanitarian dictates on patients under care.
A woman and her new born babies were forced to lay on bare flow by the nurse shortly after the woman, Becky Chukwuemeka was delivered of her twins through a caesarian session in the hospital.
The nurse on duty at the hospital insisted that there were no beds for the new births and their mother thus forcing both the mother and her twins children to lay and sleep on a mat sprawled on the floor in a ward for two days at the risk of their exposure to infection. 
The twins are the first delivery of Becky Chukwuemeka. The children weighed less than 1.4 kilograms at birth while the mother was still bleeding into the second day after she was delivered of her babies.
Nurses at the hospital had insisted that there were no baby colts for the new born nor a bed space available in the eight beds capacity ward at the Neonatal wing.
But a visitor to the ward, on noticing the conditions of the children, had rushed to provide an improvised baby colts where the twins were laid in and kept beside their mother who was laying on the floor since the nurses at the hospital had claimed that the hospital had no bed space nor baby colts, a claim which was later discovered not to be true.
But on getting wind that the commissioner of Health was in the hospital, the nurse rushed to get a baby colts for the children to cover her act of inhumanity.
On arrival at the ward, the commissioner, Dr. Muhammad Maku Sidi who had received series of complaints over alleged unprofessional and unfriendly disposition of some medics at the hospital, asked the nurse on duty why the woman and her children were on the floor.
While expressing his disgust at the attitudes of the nurse and such medics, the commissioner who was led to the Ward by the Chief Medical Director, (CMD) of the hospital, the Secretary of the hospital and other staffers of the Ministry, demanded details about the nurse, her qualifications and years of practice on the job. He equally sought to know why none of the senior nursing staff in the hospital were not on duty to monitor what was going on at the hospital daily.
The commissioner instantly handed down sanctions on the erring nurse. “By this your unprofessional behavior, all your free periods, including leave and shifts have been cancelled. You are going to work consecutively for three months without break” the commissioner ordered.

He directed the CMD and other relevant officers in charge at the hospital to forward to his office all documented evidence mandating the ailing nurse to work for three months without break as a
punishment for her professional negligence.

The commissioner thereafter directed that all visitors to wards in the hospital be sent out while the management of the hospital must adhere strictly to time schedule for visits.
He warned that on no account should visitors to in patients in wards in the hospital be allowed to over crowd the wards by staying long hours thus congesting the wards.
Obviously unknown to the nurses at the hospital, the commissioner had received prior information about the conditions of the woman who had delivered the twins and and her children.
Just before he stepped into the ward, the nurse had hurriedly brought out a colt and moved the babies quickly from the floor to cover her trap.

The wards in the hospital are always overcrowded by visitors, mostly family members and friends of patients on admission at the hospital. Many of them take over available spaces within and outside the corridors of the wards where they spread their mats to stay for hours on end.


  1. Wrongfully reported news and this news hope the new Nigerian news paper have lawyers to defend this report compiled by this cheap reporter who is trying to make a name. Be ready soonest we are taking this up.


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