Ladies Of St Mulumba Hold Seminar, Clergyman Urges Christians To Live Exemplary Lives


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A Kaduna based clergyman, Rev. Fr. David M. Jacos, has enjoined Christians to always defend the faith and should be ready to carry the cross at all times.

He said many will oppose them but urged them to stand firm in the faith.

Speaking in Kaduna at a one-day seminar organized by Ladies of St. Mulumba, Rev. Fr. Jacobs also urged the women to be models in all that they do, saying that many would oppose the faith because of the love of the things of the world.

Mr. Danmaigana Clement, who spoke on the Origin of the Order of Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba, Life of Father Anslem Abraham Isidohome Ojefua and its implication for the Ladies of the Order, the genesis for the founding of the Order was to react to the negative colonial practices of the 1940s and 1950s.

He said after the second world war, there were large numbers of returnees soldiers and educated Africans who were not employed, adding that they were not given the chance to participate in the administration of their country.

These people, he explained, were at loggerhead with the whites including those in the Church especially the Catholic  Church, the protestants were given more favour than the Catholic members.

He added that the protestants were at liberty to join free mansions, rosicrucian, ogonis and other secret societies, stressing that Catholic were forbidden to join the secret societies because they were against the worship of the one true God.

He explained that it was this kind situation that the foundation of the Order of the Knights of  blessed St. Mulumba became inevitable in order to make members knowledgeable about the true teaching of the word of God in Christianity.

The one day seminar was well attended as most of the participants expressed gratitude to what they learned, assuring that it would go a long way to help them in their daily Christian lives.


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