Gov Sani Bello Advocates Paradigm Shift To Technical/Vocational Education

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State

For Nigeria to be developed, it must shift emphasis from the teaching of arts and humanities subjects in secondary schools to technical and vocational education, governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has said.
The governor posited that if economic empowerment of citizens were to be guaranteed, states and the federal governments must revive the teaching of technical and vocational education to impart skills and technology know-how on young Nigerians who would launch the country into science, technology, innovations and creativities.
He said current emphasis in the teachings of arts and humanities in secondary schools was not futuristic, saying the world was being governed by science, technology and creativities that make life easier and the world a better place to live in.
The governor spoke during his visit to the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingian where he asked the Chinese government to assist Niger state in the technical and vocational education in its technical colleges.
The meeting between the governor and his host centred on partnership that could revamp technical and vocational education in technical schools in the state to arrest unemployment, poverty and backwardness.
The governor said emphasis on establishment of conventional secondary schools should be reduced to technical and vocational education where requisite knowledge on skills would be taught to create jobs for the country’s growing population.
Governor Sani Bello appealed to the Chinese government for support, partnership and assistance in the areas of technical and vocational education to develop the atmosphere and culture amongst young persons in the state.
He warned that the country could run into serious development problems in years ahead unless the current narratives were changed.
Governor Sani Bello reasoned that if technical schools and vocational education were given their rightful place, current undue emphasis and pressure on university education would drastically reduced.
Niger state has six technical colleges and five vocational skills acquisition centres in parts of the state.

The Chinese ambassador, Zhou Pingian, expressed his country’s willingness to assist and partner Niger state to grow it’s institutions in technical and vocational education.


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