Gov Bala Assures NNPC Of Bauchi Collaboration To Drill Alkaleri Crude Oil

Senator Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor


Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed has assured the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) that his government and the entire people of the state will collaborate with the corporation and other agencies involved in the Bauchi Oil exploration for the successful drilling of the black goal.

Overwhelmed by the recent discovery of oil in the state, Governor Bala said, “We will spare no effort, turn every stone and break every ground until the oil flows through the wells and pipelines into our refineries”.

The governor in a message he personally signed following the discovery of oil in Alkaleri LGA of the state as confirmed by the NNPC recently, explained exploration of the oil will continue by the use of NNPC’s “Ikenga’ drilling machine to make the entire venture commercially viable.

It would be recalled that the NNPC early last month confirmed the discovery of hydrocarbon of oil in the Kolmani River 11 exploration site in Alkaleri LGA, presumably in large commercial quantity to boost the country’s crude oil output.

“I consider it a blessing and a privilege that this epochal development is taking place during my tenure as Governor. I do not take it lightly in the least. It is axiomatic that, to whom much is given, much is also expected”, the governor said.

He added, “Therefore, I give my word today, that I will personally put all necessary supportive mechanism in place, to fast track the process of exploration and drilling”.

Senator Bala Mohammed enjoined the people of the state to see the happy development of the discovery of oil in Bauchi as an opportunity to further demonstrate their undiluted belief in the Nigerian project.

According to him, it is the design of the Almighty God that the state hydrocarbon shall stretch both horizontally and perpendicularly through the latitudes and longitudes of Nigeria, creating a unity that subsumes tribe and tongue, across space and time, as well as opportunities for generations of Nigerians to stand in brotherhood, despite our occasional differences.

The governor also called on the people of the state to exhibit the civility and nobility for which they are known, and cooperate with both federal government officials and representatives of the NNPC, and other organization involved in the historical endeavour.

“We cannot over-emphasize the importance of remaining committed to our plans. And for our plans to stand the test of time, we must embrace the currents of time and global best practices”.

It is the conviction of the governor that people must diversify and embrace the digital age by all ramifications, which by the time it matures, the envisaged oil infrastructure can sit well on a strong economic base, as the dream of the state entails.

He said however that despite the people jubilations and his administration contemplating the promise of the salutary hydrocarbon find, it is still a long road from the economic recovery his government envision for the people.

Governor said, “We must constantly remind ourselves that as history has shown and our experience as a nation demonstrated, oil is a great catalyst and instrument of development, but alone it can never move a nation forward. We will seize the moment, but we never take our eyes off the ball”.

He therefore stressed the need for remaining focused on the state’s robust economic recovery plan which resolves around rapid rehabilitation of infrastructure, establishment of an investor friendly environment, vigorous promotion of agriculture and agro-allied industries.

The vision, according to the governor, could be achieved through the public private partnership template, growing the internally generated revenue (IGR) and sustained improvement in the supply of skilled manpower based on our vocational education project and partnerships.

The governor noted that for anyone who followed the unwavering efforts of the NNPC in the search for hydrocarbon in this part of the country, the Alkaleri discovery marks the victory of hope over pessimism, the triumph of courage over fear and the victory of sacrifice over adversity.

He drew the attention of Nigerians generally not to forget saluting the patriots who initiated the hydrocarbon search project, who exerted their best efforts and sacrifice time and comfort, and together placed the ball in the right position for President Muhammadu Buhari to score the goal.

Bala similarly described the discovery of hydrocarbon in Kolmani River well 11 in Alkaleri LGA as a great stride in unlocking the well documented economic potentialities of the state, saying Bauchi people were favoured by God to make them net contributor to the nation’s crude oil output.


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