We’ll Take Hard Decisions To Ensure Economic Transformation Of Oyo State – Gov Makinde


By; AYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde has declared that his administration is to take hard decisions  to ensure economic  transformation of the state
The governor said this in Ibadan on Wednesday  while receiving reports of committees set up by his administration to review  contracts awardes, as well as look into cases of wrongful dismissal of civil servants in the state and  others by the  immediate past administration in the state.
Governor Makinde emphasized that the time has come for the people of Oyo state to support the present administration in the state for the much needed  ideas  to move the State to greatness.
According to the governor , Oyo state  government will take immediate action on the recommendations, and that the people should expect full implementation of the report within four weeks.
“I want to say this publicly; some of us on this side of the table are not the brightest. No. We have just been blessed that God provided the opportunity for us and that’s why we value what you have to say. We value your contributions. Whatever we need to do on infrastructure, we need to target our economy. So, I want to implore anyone who has an advice for us should inform us because we don’t have any other place we can call home.” he said.
Speaking further , the governor said on the report of the committee on the wrongful dismissal of civil servants, the state  government  will look into the recommendations of the committee and if they included bringing back some of the affected they would be returned to work immediately.
 “I want to say that we are not going to set up any further committee to review these reports but instead, we will go straight ahead to implement the recommendations, especially the committee that worked on the dismissed workers. This is because I believe that it is better for us to allow 100 guilty persons to go scot-free than to punish one innocent individual. I know you have done very well, looking at each individual and the issues that led to their getting dismissed. We will look at the report immediately and implement the recommendations.”

Governor Makinde added, “If you ask us to bring some of them back, we will bring them back almost immediately. So, I will set a time frame of four weeks for implementation of most of these reports.”
Concerning the Committee on the affairs of Local Government by the last administration in the state now before the court, the governor said that his administration would soon clear the legal huddles and get to the roots of how the councils were administered, saying, “when we came in, we actually set up these seven committees and an additional one that is meant to look into the affairs of the local government and LCDAs. “
“They went to court, got an injunction through the back door saying we should not be doing the review. I have not seen it anywhere in the world where you say to people that you want to investigate an issue and they say you cannot poke your nose into what is your own business. Well, I have bad news for them. Though we will obey court orders, it’s only a matter of time. We will eventually look into the issues surrounding the local government administration.
Governor  Makinde stressed  “the time frame for us to implement these recommendations will not be more than four weeks because nations are not built on wishful thinking. We have taken hard look at some of the challenges we are faced with. Bola Ige Market, for instance, I was there during the electioneering. This is a market that was built to be an international market. The market is dirty. The car park has been turned into something else and we also have different kinds of illegal structures there. By the way, my mother also has a store there. If any store is acquired illegally, it will be brought down because nobody is above the law, not even me. So, we will look at what you have written and what is very clear is, we have hard decisions ahead of us. And I give you the assurance that I will take those hard decisions.”
The committees that presented their reports are the Investigative Panels on Ibarapa Polytechnic and Oke-Ogun Polytechnics; Committee on Dismissal/Retirement of Civil Servants between 2011 and 2019; Committee on Review of Contracts, Projects between 2017 and 2019; Task Force on Review of Operations at the Bola Ige International Market, Gbagi, Ibadan, among others. “.


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