RMRDC Develops Technology For Extracting Oil, Starch From Tiger Nuts


Nigeria’s Raw Materials Research and Development Council, (RMRDC) has developed a technology for the processing of Tiger nuts to extract oil, starch and other nutrients from the rich edible nuts common in northern parts of the country but before now mainly used as snacks or local porridge.

Engineer Anthony Okereke, a senior research fellow and a Director at the RMRDC’ said in Bida, Niger state that Tiger nut is a rich nut and can be used for both pharmaceuticals, domestic as edible snacks and for animal feeds.

Speaking at a training on how to use a local technology developed by the council to get other bye products from the nuts, Engineer Anthony Okereke who led locals from Bida where the technology was launched for the first time, said that Tiger nut was grossly underutilized as a natural, wonderful nut with lots of products embedded in it.

Anthony Okereke, said research carried out by the council showed that no part of Tiger nuts is a waste as it can be useful for both human and animals as feeds.

Engineer Anthony Okereke said unknown to many people, Tiger nuts are extremely rich in oil, starch for pharmaceutical uses, animal feeds among other things.

Niger State Coordinator of RMRDC, John Ahmadu said the training was to equip Nigerians on how to get out all the nutrients in the nuts for the benefits of humanity.

The Raw Materials Research and Development Council, (RMRDC) is an agency of the federal government under the supervision of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

It is vested with the mandate to promote the development and utilization of Nigeria’s industrial raw materials.

A participant at the training, Zaynab Umar commended the council for the knowledge imparted on the participants and praised the state government and Bida emirate for bringing the training to Bida for the empowerment of locals.

Zaynab Umar who spoke on behalf of other beneficiaries of the training, promised to extend the knowhow to others to spread the knowledge for the benefits of humanity.


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