You Can’t Fool Anambra People, PDP Tells Obiano

Governor Obiano


The Anambra  State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has described the donation and launch of one hundred and ten patrol vehicles by the state governor, Willie Obifano to the state police Command for the second phase of operation Kpochapu as an exercise in futility.
Making the assertion on Saturday in Awka, the state Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr Nnamdi Nwangwu said that people have not forgotten and cannot forget in a hurry how the APGA government rolled out tractors and caterpillars few days to the last House of Assembly election only for the contractors to abandon the sites immediately after the election.

He observed that APGA government has launched series of ‘security operations’ which did not address the insecurity issues in the state saying, “One would have tried to take this government serious if it admitted that security situation of Anambra State reputed to be the safest state in Nigeria has nose dived when we  raised the alarm.
“It is our firm and justifiable believe that the launch of “Operation Kpochapu 2′ is nothing but another failed attempt to hoodwink the people of the state into trusting an irredeemable  maladministration.”
“To start with on which road will the launched operational vehicles operate, how can the security agents get to troublespots on time before damage is done, definitely the answer to these questions are in the negative because the roads are not just there. Many communities have been cut off from the rest towns.
“2021 governorship election is around the corner, the APGA government is out again with their ‘abracadabra’ approach to governance again just to decieve.”

Nwangwu warned the APGA government against the dangerous consequence of playing politics with security issues.

The state image maker of PDP wondered the roads the vehicles would ply when erosion menace is ravaging  the state at an alarming rate.
an all time high and one begin to wonder if Obiano’s operational vehicles will fly in the air to really tackle insecurities in the state.” He reasoned
While saying that it has become a case of once beaten, twice shy for Anambra people who can no longer be decieved by any antics, he dismissed all the policies and programs of Gov Obiano as unserious and one to be taken with a pinch of salt by the people.

The Anambra State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the latest attempt by the state governor, Chief Willie Obiano to decieve the people through the launch of ‘Operation Mkpochapu 2’ can not work.
He regretted that the governor has taken the simplicity of Anambra people for granted on so many occasions that his latest move can not be trusted.
Nwangwu added, “PDP recently raised an alarm over security breaches across the state which the APGA government blatantly denied.
“The other security gadgets for would have been a welcomed development only if the Gov Obiano can be trusted.”


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