UNICEF Launches Free Anti Tetanus Vaccination In Niger

Governor Sani Bello of Niger State

All women in reproductive age brackets, between 14 years and 49 years in seven local governments areas of Niger State are to be administered free vaccination against killer maternal and neonatal Tetanus diseases under a partnership between the United Nations Children’s Fund, (UNICEF) and other development partners with the state government.
The new campaign against Tetanus is a national onslaught against the killer disease to eliminate it by the year 2020 from all parts of Nigeria.
The anti tetanus vaccine are in five cocktail courses for women in child bearing ages from 14 years to 49 years. The benefits is for females who had began to experience their monthly mensuration circle to avail themselves to receive the five doses of the vaccine which accords them life protection against the killer Tetanus disease as well as for their unborn children.
The seven council areas where the campaign kicks off from next Monday, 14th to 18th October, 2019 include Agwara, Edati, Magama, Mashegu, Mokwa, Rafi and Shiroro.
Executive Director, Niger State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr. Ibrahim Dangana said the state was ready to kick start the free vaccination programme for women in productive age brackets.
Dr. Dangana represented by the Director in charge of immunization at the Agency, Fatima Sheik Abdallah, counselled women to utilize the opportunity of get the free vaccination programme and get immunized against the killer Tetanus disease.
“Women of child bearing ages, (between 14 to 49 years of age) are free to avail themselves of the privilege to be vaccinated against the disease” she said.
She explained that once a girl starts seeing her menstrual circle, she could take the five doses of the vaccine to get covered for life. The benefit is for the woman and her unborn child to get covered.
UNICEF’s Consultant in Niger state, Yusuf Nnegiya, said the vaccine offers insulation for women and their unborn child against Tetanus once it is taken in complete doses.
Nnegiya said neonatal tetanus disease is dangerous diseases which kills within days. It is caused by dirt, through contaminated wounds, the use of unsterilized objects such as razor blades used in cutting the umbilical cords or other sharp objects.
It’s symptoms includes stiffness of the neck, cries, poor feeding or inability to suck by infants, jerking of muscles and general unease.
An unvaccinated pregnant woman transfers the disease to her unborn child who comes out with the diseases at birth.
Women are advised to imbibe good hygienic practices before, during pregnancy and after birth and get vaccinated.


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