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Use Modern Technologies To Tackle Border Problems – Bishop David Bakare


The Vice Chairman North – West of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Bishop David Bakare has advised government to use modern technologies to check borders activities instead of closing the borders.
 He gave the advise while briefing journalists in his office on the activities of his Church in the last 30 years in existence in Zaria.
 Bishop Bakare said closing the borders will not solve the problems immediately but the use of modern technologies will definitely address the problems our borders are facing.
The Clergyman who is also the Vice President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) said the borders are open and porous in such a way that insurgents from other countries can infiltrate Nigeria with no problem.
On the security challenges, Bishop Bakare said, there was the need to address the situation and find a lasting solution to it once and for all.
He said Government should give attention to community policing to check activities of criminals and those that have questionable character in the community.
“We use to be brothers keeper but now we allowed ourselves living without direction”.
The Bakare who frowned on how our moral values vanished completely in our society today.
He said the current security challengesinthe nation is as a result of the failure on economic problems, social problems having youths are graduating from various Institution of higher learning, without jobs and they need to survive.
Bishop Bakare said the church set to establish a skills acquisition centre  engaged youths that are jobless and drugs adicts in order to rehabilitate them.
The church give out scholarship to 400 orphans to support their educational carrier also give medical care Free to over 4000 people as part of their  Humanitarian services.
“Every year, I take care of 4,000 widows with foodstuffs and fabrics to bring them sucur in their lives”.
The Jesus is Life Church “JAWOM” is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary beginning from 28th Oct — 2nd November 2019.



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