NGO Seeks Implementation Of Jigawa Social Protection Programme

Governor Badaru Abubakar Of Jigawa State.


Despite compliance by both Jigawa and Zamfara State governments towards developing and approving state specific Social Protection Food and Nutrition policies, an NGO (Action Against Hunger) has sought for the implementations of the programme in the two respective states.
In a statement written and signed by the body’s media personnel, Mal Sabi’u Suleiman Shehu, the Action Against Hunger noted that even though there was improvement in the overall child health, food security, knowledge and practice of health and nutrition by the governments of the two states, there should be practical level of community participation through practical implementation of the whole concept for the betterment of the state’s populace.
“Findings from the concept of Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP) Phase 1 End line evaluation showed improvements in the overall child health, food security, knowledge and practice of Health and nutrition behaviours, household economic status and accumulation of livestock in implementing communities in both states”.
The statement commended Jigawa State Government for its bold initiatives towards developing the state cash transfer with first 1000 days as one of the key targets.
Under it, one billion Naira was allocated in 2019 budget for the commencement of a modest Social Protection Cash Transfer and Empowerment Initiative including social welfare palliative support the core poor and other vulnerable groups.
The Child Development Grant Programme ( CDGP) a UK funded social protection programme implemented by Save the Children and Action Against Hunger, announced the launching of Thr CDGP phase 11 in Kano State.
CDGP is a social protection programme aimed at tackling BG the HGH level of poverty and malnutrition in Nigeria implemented by n the first phase by Action Against Hunger in 3 LGA’s in jigawa state and Save the Children in 2 LGA’s in Zamdara State.
CDGP generated evidence on the feasibility and impact if cash transfer programmes targeted at critical first 1,000 days of a child in addressing the undermine survival and future development of children as well as refueling the intergenerational transfer of poverty.
Findings indicated that from the end one evaluation of CDGP Phase 1 indicated a 5.8 percentage reduction in stunting in existing LGA’s of both Jigawa and Zamfara states.


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