(INTERVIEW) Ganduje Delivering Through Contuinity Governance -Mustapha Coach

Comrade Mustapha Umar Tallo Gwarzo (Coach), Leader, Kano North Youth Association For Good Governance.

Mustapha Umar Tallo Gwarzo  popularly known as (Coach),  is  a  leader of youth association for good governance  and a frontline supporter of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State. In this interview with our  correspondent, JABIRU A. HASSAN,  disclosed  that Governor Ganduje’s first tenure has done a commendable leadership in  four years as the executive governor, while his second term in office would transform Kano to an exemplary  state  in every sector. Excerpts:

How can you rate the Ganduje’s first term in office  and his re-election into second tenure as a stakeholder?

Thank you very much for this  question, and I am happy that today Kano State is becoming more developed under the stewardship of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, and every Kano citizen is a living witness that Governor Ganduje has done well since he was elected into office in the year 2015.

I am certain that  the governor’s is re-election  for the second tenure, would transform the state to become one of the best states in Nigeria that benefits more from the dividends of democracy, which is an important task in the present democratic dispensation.

But  some citizens are saying that the governor has not done well, what can you say in this regard?

What the oppositions  saying is just  politics, and we are into a democratic journey, you cannot  halt people from talking against a particular leader which is the tradition in the political game. But to be sincere, Ganduje has done a commendable job in his first tenure, and he is ready to do more in the second term because he has all the necessary plans for Kano development in his second term.

APC won Kano election despite controversy during the governorship polls which resulted in going to rerun in some local government areas, what can you say about the Kano inconclusive polls?

This is an interesting question and it is important to note that political rivalry is something that adds salt to democracy, but Kano Governor has won his re-electiom bid despite the many unwanted obstacles that brought political misunderstandings at both rural and urban areas during the gubernatorial polls and today, victory remains on our side because we have clean minds for the progress of our great state.

Youth played an important roles during and after the last general elections, are you satisfied with how Ganduje administration carries Kano youth along?

To me this is another interesting question and it is true that we have played an important role in the present democratic dispensation in Nigeria, and I can confirm to you that our able governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has done a lot to youth across the state especially on empowerment, skills acquisition, educational support and other important programmes that promote self-reliance among unemployed youth.

This is a commendable effort by the governor and I am certain that in the near future, Kano youth would become  exemplary citizens in Nigeria, but we need to be more patient,  law  abiding and ready to work in any system in order to achieve our desired objectives as leaders of tomorrow.

In the first term of Ganduje’s leadership, you spoke on issues related to youth and you have seen how the government went with them for four years, what do you expect in his second tenure then?

Well, you know that government’s activities need extra scrutiny to avoid anything that may cause confusion, but i am certain that Governor  Ganduje’s second tenure will bring out more programmes that are meant for the progress of our teeming youth across Kano State especially in reducing unemployment and education.

Recently, Kano State Governor declared that primary and secondary education is free in the state, what is your opinion on this important task?

To me, education is very important to human life and what our dynamic governor has done is a welcoming idea especially at present when  majority of parents and guardians are in need of support to educate their wards. Kano youth appreciate this kind gesture, and we urge other Northern governors to emulate  what Governor Ganduje did in order to boost education in the region at the grassroots level.

Similarly, I sincerely commend Ganduje for working out modalities for the successful implementation of Ruga project in his state which is the only solution that would bring an end to the rapid clashes between the farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria. I  hope that the other  governors would also copy from Kano governor to bring peace and unity in the region and the country in general.

Recently, Kano governorship  election tribunal upheld Ganduje’s victory, how do you see this judgement as a youth leader?

The recent Kano governorship tribunal ruling shows that his excellency, the executive Governor of Kano State was duly elected by the good people of the state because we are certain that our state is becoming more developed through continuity governance as I have said earlier, and from what is been seen on ground, Kano is really changing.

What is your message to the people of kano state and the nation at large, especially youths?

My message is to remind our youth that Nigeria is our fatherland, we have no other country than Nigeria, therefore, we have to unite and work selflessly for the development of our nation despite political, tribal or religious differences. We have seen how internal crisis resulted to the  disintegration of some African countries due to lack  of patriotism among the citizens.

I wish to  also use this opportunity to commend our executive chairman of Gwarzo Local Government Council, Engineer Bashir Abdullahi Kutama for his efforts towards the development of our local government area  in every sector despite the economic situation, and  I wish to state that New Nigerian has become the best online platform that gives us accurate news and reports of what is happening in the globe.


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