Be Digital Age Compliant, Produce Change Agents, Edu-Aid Chief Urges Nigerian Teachers



Nigerian teachers have been tasked to be digital technology compliant  and to teach children how to use the digital age to make a change in society.
Program Coordinator, Edu-Aid Global Initiative, Dr. Femi Orawusi, threw the challenge while expressing disappoinment that Nigerian children are still being taught with archaic curriculum in this modern age of digital technology revolution.
He said Nigerian teachers should understand that they are the change agents in the country. 

According to Orawusi, there is a need for teachers and parents to re-adjust, re-engage, and shift in the way they see or think about the country’s educational sector. 
He let Nigerian teachers know that  they have to train the children well so that they will be  better than the teachers that produced them.”It is surprising to see that in our educational sector, we are using the method of the 1970s to teach the 2018 child, there is a need for us to re-evaluate our teaching methods. Parents, teachers need to gather together and partake in this change mechanism.”The world is evolving, artificial intelligence is gradually taking over, we are in the digital age and as teachers we must be able to teach our children how to use the digital age to make a change in our society. Our children need to understand that they can be creators and that definition of success is not in owning material things but in engaging our minds to innovate,” the Edu-Aid chief emphasized.He pointed out that children aspire to what they see,  adding that teachers need to teach the children to aspire to be better and do greater things.


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