Activist Urges Parents To Discourage Children From Addiction To TV Programmes

File photo: Mother with her baby. (Getty Images)


The Foundation For  Protection of women and children in Nigeria has stressed the need for parents/Guardians to stop their  kids from wasting more time in watching cartoons ,video games, and viewing other TV programmes to avert inculcating negative behaviour.

Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, founder of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) gave the advise in an interview with journalists in Kaduna, saying that this attitude weakens children’s brains from revising their class work at home.

She  urged  parents to discourage  their children from  getting  addicted to watching YouTube  videos  and other TV programmes to keep them away from being corrupt morally.

“It is   really unfortunate how  most kids nowadays  plug into  more devices like smartphones, tablets cartoons, video games and TV programmes,   while abandoning reading their text  books,” Hajiya added.

According to her, homework reinforces skills, concepts and information learned in class,

“But playing games at home is weakening their brains, and it’s making them becoming lazy not concentrating in school, ” she pointed out.

” Media should not take the place of getting enough sleep and being physically active,” she further warned.

In a research by Dr Nasiru Auwal, a psychologist, he said most of violent media don’t make non-violent people violent.

Auwal said homework is an important time to make connections and reflect on self, new or familiar information, and the world beyond.

According  to him, some researchers believe that high level of violence in cartoons can make children more aggressive.

He said studies  show that young children  tend to mimic the negative behavior they see on television and cartoons.


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