2019 Elections Worst Ever, Hundreds Generated Results For Millions Of Votes – Sheikh Gummi

Prophet el-Buba (right) with Sheikh Ahmad Gummi when the former visited him at his residence in Kaduna on Thursday September 19, 2019.


The last general elections in Nigeria is the worst in history ever witnessed, as video evidence made available show that few hundreds of people generated millions of votes.
Popular Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gummi expressed this, when playing his to the General Overseer of the Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministry, Jos and the Convener For the Movement of Initiative of a Brighter and Better Nigeria,  Prophet Isa elBuba, at his residence in Kaduna on Thursday September 19, 2019.
“The last election was the worst ever. Election should never be rigged again. We invited INEC, APC, PDP and told them this is what we will do to stop rigging in 2015. When the election came we realized we were handicapped because Nigerians were ignorant, but they failed to realise that Nigerians can create an independent polls.
” In 2015, we saw that INEC was not ready for a flawless election. Then another government came with mantra of change and anti corruption. I expected 2019 election to be neat, but I found it to be the worst I have ever witnessed.
“Many people came to me from all over the country, some came with video and told me those millions of votes you see is coming from just a few hundreds
“When the results were announced, they said, we told you. So what is the card reader meant for? How can you say you are fighting corruption and you are riding on corruption to come back and create economic damage that will take maybe 40 years to correct,” he said.
Speaking earlier, Prophet el-Buba commended Sheikh Gummi for being a leading light in the present generation.
 “I really want to commend you for standing out to speak the truth not just to authorities but also to the followers.
“With situation of things in the country, we need to pull our minds together and salvage the country.
“We cannot continue to leave the control of things in the hands of politicians if not it will continue like this.
“I have traversed the whole country and the North is worst. Things are degenerating the more, the poverty is unbearable,” he submitted.


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