Notorious Serial Killer Hacks Man To Death In Public Glare (Graphic Photo)

File photo: Victim hacked to death by notorious serial killer in Minna

A notorious serial killer simply identified as ‘Acho’ on Friday evening hacked down a yet to be identified man to death at the Dutsen Kura market located metres away from the Headquarters of Niger State Police Command.
Acho who is said to be a familiar face in the area, is not new to the Police and other security agencies in the state as he believed to be a member of a deadly cult group of Yan Dabba who operates around Dutsen Kura – Gwari, Bosso and Limawa area parts of the state capital.
Eye witness account told our correspondent at the scene of the incident on Friday evening that the deceased was exchanging banters with his friends when suddenly Achor arrived at the scene and joined the group in their argument though uninvited.
The intruder suddenly engaged the victim in a heated argument which gravitated into abusive words, threats and fisticuffs.
Acho, the assailant then threatened to kill and waste him away without any repercussion to himaccording to an eyewitness at the scene of the killing.
And as the heated argument continued, it attracted crowd of mostly passers by who gathered around to know what was happening.
Suddenly, Acho brought out a little axe hidden inside the back of his trousers with which he struck at one of the upper limbs of his victim.
And as the man struggled to free himself from his assailant, few people attempted to abate the fight but the attacker became more aggressive and hit at his victim’s head, piercing hard on it with a fierce strike and quickly followed with several other strikes on his victim’s body as onlookers took to their heels in fear.
And as the badly wounded man laid prostate on his canvass, Acho went berserk and hit at the dying man who was gushing out blood on different parts of his body as he wailed and cried out for help.
In this seeming state of senselessness, Acho, who is believed to be an ex convict, continued to boast of his escapades. He loudly boasted that not even the Police could apprehend him because they were scared and tired of him.
A resident of the area, Abdul Qudus, confirmed that Acho is a notorious cultist, and a criminal who had become a nightmare to residents of Dutsen Kura – Gwari community and surrounding areas.
He is reputed to have eliminated some members of his cult group, (Yan Daba) and other rival cult groups within Limawa, Ungwan Daji and Maitumbi areas of the metropolis.
And as people scampered away from the scene of the brutal murder, a Police Patrol vehicle latter arrived at the scene and evacuated the corpse.
The day, (Friday) had earlier woken up to an ugly incident of the gruesome murder of a man believed to be a commercial motorcyclists at FM area by a suspected ritualist.
The suspect was caught in the wee hours of the night by neighbours as he attempted to bury the remains of a headless man whose body parts were cannibalised.


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