Kaduna Govt, Arla Foods Sign Agreement To Provide 1,000 Dairy Farmers Permanent Farm Lands



Kaduna State Government, led by Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai and Arla Foods,  on Monday signed a new MOU that will offer 1,000 nomadic dairy farmers permanent farm lands with access to water.

Governor El-Rufai, expressed this at the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing on Partnership between TG Arla and the Kaduna State Government on development of Local Dairy Value Chain, held at Government House in Kaduna.

“A project that uses modern tools to change livestock production from a culture into a business, sedentariness the nomads and promote jobs, economic development and security”.

The State Governor welcomes the projects with Arla foods as a different and sustainable visions for the development of the livestock industry in the state and Nigeria.

“We are delighted to have a global dairy giant like Arla as the commercial and technical partner”.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Arla foods to grow and further improve our nation’s dairy industry, saying with our different competencies, together we can empower local farmers and promote a market driven sustainable dairy development in Nigeria”.

Speaking on investments that will pave the way, “instead of continuously moving in search of grazing areas and water, land will be set up for the farmers to permanently base themselves and have opportunities to expand their farms”.

Adding that the project will primarily be funded by loans provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria and guaranteed by the local State.

“Securing the infrastructure such as roads, power and water which are necessary to process and bring the milk to market, is also part of the public commitment”.

“For us it is a job creation activities, it is something that can empower and enrich our State, noted that they are very grateful for their hard work into the State”.

“Arla will invest in establishing milk collection centre. It will pivotal to Arla’s role as a processor of the milk produced by the farmers”.

The collaboration between Arla and Kaduna State is a great example of the positive impact EU companies bring when they engage with local producer and contribute to the Federal and State Government goal of creating 100 million jobs in the next 10 years.

They are set to reach close 400 million by 2050 is among the fastest growing of any nation in the world, already there is a growing consumer demand for affordable nutrition in the country.

The State Government believes that the development and operation of dairy ranches and production facilities in Kaduna State should be sustainably based on a business model, not a contract model.

The livestock production project at the Damau Grazing Reserve in Kubau local government area is expected to provide about 50,000 jobs in the state.

The public Private Partnership builds on the success of a collaboration was in existed since  2016 with Kaduna State, the collaboration works on a five year project called Milky Way Partnership to develop a social, environmental and economically sustainable dairy value chain.

The partnership and project have demonstrated a viable scalable business model that has created both an increase in income and job opportunities for local farmers and employee in the dairy sector.

They now have steady access to water and a milking parlor has been installed to ensure that the milk is cooled down immediately after milking to preserve quality.

Governor Elrufai, expressed gratitude to Jesper Kamp, the Ambassador of Denmark, for his support for the efforts to use a business model to promote jobs and development in our agriculture sector, he added.

In a remarks, the  Ambassador of Denmark,  Nigeria, Jasper Kamp, said, our focus is nomadic settlement,  everything that need to run the nomadic herdsmen to be successful and creating jobs in the State.

Kamp said, Arla will be commercial partner that will purchase, collect,  process and bring the Local milk to market.

He said the project has great potential to develop the local dairy sector and make a real difference in many farmers business and lives.

According to him, they will contribute with experience from its pan-European Supply chain and its cooperative farmers culture to deliver commercial success with farmers in Nigeria.


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