(OPINION) Kaduna Central: Uba Sani On Verge Of Writing His Name In Gold



If there’s no past to compare, I would have said that Senator Uba Sani is on the verge of becoming the greatest Senator Kaduna Central has ever produced.
 But in a not too far situation, the Senator is writing his name in gold as one of the greatest the zone has ever had. 
Armed with the tendency for uplifting others and passion for human capital development, the senator has been investing in the population of his senatorial district, Kaduna Central. 
Within the short period that he’s been in the Senate, Uba Sani has been able to sponsor an array of young people across various institutions of learning in Nigeria and abroad with his scholarship scheme. 
As a firm believer of education being the best asset, Uba Sani has been offering grants to students to complete their studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 
He has also been offering empowerment grants to women and youths with to set their foot in world of independence.
 This has not only ensured that many of these people are now financially independent, it also serves as a measure for mitigating the rising of insecurity in state. Many of those empowered were hitherto without any means of securing a decent livelihood. 
The small and medium scale enterprises grants support of Uba Sani is second to known. He has identified and supported an array of SMEs. 
Though this didn’t start with his election as a senator, it is however worth mentioning that Malam Uba Sani has pledged to improve the scheme and expand the pool of beneficiaries. 
This will boast economic activities in state and shoot the IGR of Kaduna state. There’s the technical training for artisans introduced by the senator and which thousands are already enrolled. This program is mainly to provide opportunities for those willing to learn trade and build a sustainable means of living. 
Such trades include tailoring, mechanics, carpentry, ICT, agribusiness and a lot more. To date, the scheme has enrolled over 2500 people within Kaduna senatorial district. 
While Uba Sani has promised many programmes that will ensure human development, he has no doubt started on a right foot of his senatorial tenure. The programmes currently ongoing no doubt are significant and welcomed, more are expected to come from the people’s Senator.

Safiyan Safiyan

Safiyan Safiyan is the CEO/Founder Green Future Revivers

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