Prices Of Food Items Drop In Kaduna (Survey)

File photo: Farmers planting Tomato and other vegetables at Kunnawa Dam, one of those rehabilitated by the Federal Ministry Of Agriculture and Rural Development.


As part of our daily life essential commodities, prices of groceries have drastically reduced to an average that common man can purchase to serve the purpose  and consumption to humanity.

After the Eid-el-Fitri celebrations the prices of tomato and other essential commodities have reduced by 70 per cent in Kaduna market.

A survey conducted in Bakin Dogo, Chechenia market located at Kaduna Central market on Saturday,  showed that a 40kg basket of tomato, which cost N18,000 early July, has dropped to
N6,000, a paint rubber of tomato cost N250 to N300 depending on the quantity.

The survey on 50kg basket of bell pepper (Tatashe) dropped from N9,000 to N4,000, while a 50kg of Chilli pepper (Sombo) which cost N5,000 as against

A bag of onion sold in July ending at N14,000, dropped to N9,000. The price of a 50kg bag of rice ranges from N16,500 to N17,500 depending on its brand.

The price of carton of Shawa fish ranges between N13,500 to N11,000, a kilo cost N600, a carton of Sadin Fish cost N14,000 to N15,000, a kilo cost N1,200 while 1kg of frozen chicken and turkey cost N1,100 and N1,300 respectively.

Alhaji Salisu, spokesperson, said a bag of beans has drastically dropped from N20,000 to N14,000 which is affordable to every family, a local of small beans cost N220 while a local of big bean cost N250 respectively.

A vegetable oil of 25kg litre  early July cost N12,000 now N9,000, a bottle of vegetable oil cost N400 while 25kg litre of  palm oil in early July cost N12,000 to N12,500 now ranges to N9,500 to N10,000, a bottle of palm oil cost N400.

Speaking further to know why the sudden dropped of perishable food items like tomatoes, Salisu said that the prices of the tomatoes has reduce as a result of  the entry of South West species of tomatoes.

The price items of consumption commodities economically has increase the level of feeding in family that cannot afford three square meals in the society.

According to Mohamed, a seller said, there’s increase in purchasing of groceries, with N500 to N1000 you can purchase what the family will feed on for that day, you can economically meet up the families need.

Also speaking in an interview with Alhaji Fatai, who sells goat and cow meat said, the price has increased, a kilo of meat cost N1200 while goat meat ranges from N1500 depending on the quantity demanded.

Speaking with the consumer, (buyer), Mrs Margaret, who  expressed gratitude to God for price commodities which has dropped to their level, she said, with N200 I can go for fish, and this will go round the family, she said.


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