Activist Wants Govt, NOA To Lead Campaign Against Assault, Rape, Suicide In Nigeria

President Muhammad Buhari

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Executive Director, Choice Solution Welfare Initiative International (CSWII), Mrs Kemi Ademola-Aremu over the weekend asked the  National Orientation Agency (NOA) to lead a campaign towards equipping  potential victims of rape and dissuade intending rapist in Nigeria.

Mrs Kemi Ademola-Aremu made the call while speaking on building resilience of potential victims of rape, assault, suicide and drug addiction in Nigeria at the University of Ibadan.

According to the Social Activist, with the rising number of victims of rape in the country the time has come for critical stakeholders to rise up to rescue the victims, saying, the ability of people to survive the avalanche of social problems  in Nigeria will be proportional to their resilience.

“Government should acknowledge that these problems exist and have become prevalent because of the political and economic landscape of the nation. Government should facilitate platforms for campaigns that develop individuals, families and communities so they can be in a position to weather this turbulent time. National Orientation Agency should be at the forefront of building resilience for Nigerians”, Mrs Aremu said.

She pointed out that if the National Orientation Agency can lead the campaign,  Nigeria may be able to prevent the growing menace of assault, rape and suicide in Nigeria, adding that many victims people lack who to speak to because of our general attitude to what has happened to them while others do not have resilience skills.


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