Minna-Bida Road: Neglected Worsening Deathtraps

File photo: Bad portion of Minna-Bida Road in Niger State


The worsening state of the Minna to Bida road in Niger State has continued to elicit public outcries but without the expected intervention of the state government even as the 89 kilometres road remains disaster waiting to happen.
Huge gullies from failed portions at the neck of the Kateregi bridge and another one at Gada area, (the bridge) at Kakakpangyi have made the road impassable for motorists  as road users are forced to risk driving on the edge of the cliffs, on the road shoulders or the low valley at the swampy parts ahead of the bridge.
For over two years now, there have been public outcries including from the traditional institutions, community leaders, road users and the various transport workers unions on the state government to repair the road.
The state government last year claimed it had awarded contract for the reconstruction of the Minna to Bida road at the cost of over N2.1 Billion naira but nothing has been seen as work being executed on the road yet.
Early this year, the leadership of the Road Transport Owners and the Road Transport Workers Union jointly pleaded with the state government in a statement to repair the road to stem recurring road carnage along the Minna to Bida road which they said was also causing huge economic loses resulting from crashes, damages to vehicles and loss of man hour while journeying on the road.
The traditional institutions have equally, repeatedly lamented over the bad state of the Minna to Bida road and made it a repeated point of appeal on the state government to put the road in good state but all the outcries appear to have ended at naught.
The vast failed portions at the approaches to Kakakpangyi, Gada area and the Gbako areas have been in worsening state over the years and each time the portions on road failed completely, only temporary,  palliative and remedial measures are done on the failed portions which sooner returned to their worst state after a short while.
The road portions have failed again for the umpteenth times and commuters and other road users are crying over what they called gross government’s insensitivity and disregard to the plight of vehicle owners and road users plying the Minna to Bida road on daily basis.


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