Almost 90% Of Nigerians Disappointed In Buhari – PDP

Kaduna PDP Secretary, Honourable Wusono while granting interview to newsmen at the party's state secretariat on Friday August 23, 2019. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

* says 1/3 of new Ministers enmeshed with corruption allegations

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has passed a final vote of confidence on President Muhammad Buhari, asserting that nothing good can come out of his administration, while alleging that almost 90 per cent of Nigerians are disappointed by the way he has handled affairs in Nigeria so far.

Secretary of the party in Kaduna State, Honourable Ibrahim Aliyu Wusono expressed the on Friday while fielding questions from newsmen on the expectations from the newly inaugurated ministers.

“Before 2015 elections, almost 90% of Nigerians hinged hopes on Buhari, believing that if he comes into office things will change for the better but are left disappointed that instead, things  became more  difficult. For example, he increased the price of petrol on Nigerian causing hardship.

“When ex President Goodluck Jonathan increased the price of petrol  with N10,  he led a protest, promising that if he gets into office, he would reduce to N45, but were shocked that instead, it increased to N145.

“Nigerians agreed, hoping that he would do better for Nigerian but he spent four years and nothing has been done,” he lamented.

Wusono disagreed with the labeling of President Buhari as Mr. Integrity, pointing out that the anti corruption fight has been nothing but a charade.
“The issue of Mr President, you should not talk about integrity even though that is the umbrella he benefitted from,” he stressed.

On the popularity of the President after his first term, the PDP Scribe said that if anything, it had waned, expressing optimism that the party’s candidate would be declared winner by the tribunal, based on available evidences of electoral fraud and voter intimidation by the military.

“Even though he didn’t win election and by God’s grace the real winner will be declared by the tribunal.
“His four years was a waste. Nothing is expected in new tenure. He was complaining that he had bad eggs around him. Now that he has selected a cabinet, no difference, it is even worse.

“During the first term, the cabinet was accused of being corrupt with few names like Amaechi and Fashola being accused of corruption but now 1/3 of his cabinet have cases with the EFCC,” he alleged.

“For people expecting something good from this cabinet, they should forget it. Just pray for a better Nigeria, but for this govt, no hope,” he emphasized.
On the President’s performance in tackling security challenges bedeviling the country, he said it remains a far cry.

” I just came from Wusono my village in Igabi Local Government Area, they are not sleeping. A village close to my village, about a month ago, bandits attacked, shot ten people, five died on the spot. Kaduna deputy speaker and other important people visited and nothing has happened afterwards.

“We the people living in that area are living like there like there is no government in the country due to in action. If something was done, we would have hope.  I am from there, but I love my life, had to leave there.We are not even requesting for infrastructure, but security of our lives,” he submitted.


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