Generator Fumes Kills Fresh Expectant Couple Months Into Wedding

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An expectant young woman and her husband have died in Minna at Ungwan Daji area of the Niger state capital during sleep from the killer fume of a power Generator.

The couple died on Wednesday, barely six months after they wedded even as the woman died with her five months old pregnancy.

The young couple had powered their generator following power supply outage from the public grid and went to bed with the Generator running while its fume streamed into their room where they were sleeping.

Sources from the neighbourhood told our correspondent in Minna that the generator was kept close to the window of the living room where the couple were sleeping because there was rainfall in the night and to keep the Generator away from the rains, it was kept close to the window to keep it away from the rains.

At dawn when prayers were called, the couple’s neighbours expected the husband to come out for prayers as usual but he did not turn up at the nearby Mosque.

In the early hours of the morning when another neighbour knocked on the door of the young couple, there was no response which prompted more anxiety and curiosity over the dead silence from the occupant’s of the room.

Minutes later when no one had emerged from the room, concerned neighbours became more worried and the decision to break into the couple’s room was reached.

A strong carbon smell ostensibly from the Generator which had ran through the night as the couple slept was still hanging in the air within the room when the door was forced open.

The couple were found dead. They had died in their sleep from the killer fume which streamed into their room throughout the night.

The news of the tragedy quickly spread within the neighbourhood and soon a crowd of symphatisers milled around the house, mourning the sad end of the young couple.

The remains of the two were evacuated by family members and neighbours and were later prepared for internment.

Deaths resulting from killer fume from power Generators have been on the increase in parts of the state.

The unfortunate incidents are on the rise as many a Generator owners often keep their Generators within their rooms while it runs for fear of thieves and buglers at nights while they sleep.

Despite repeated enlightenments and awareness being created on the dangers of inhaling carbon monoxide from fume and smoke, power Generators have continued to be the cause of several deaths in many communities.


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