Gov Sani Bello Calls For Attitudinal Change To Stem Effects Of Flooding

File photo: A compound submerged by flood in Niger community


The severity of the devastating effects of flood could be reduced if citizens change their attitudes to reckless activities on environment and cultivate safe practices to their habitat, governor Abubarkar Sani Bello of Niger State has said.
The governor said most of the harsh and devastating effects of flood could be tamed if citizens stop building on waterways, on floodplains and on lowlands that are prone to flood.
He spoke while addressing victims of flood which ravaged several communities in parts of Minna, Bosso and Chanchaga and their environs.
Governor Sani Bello regretted that erecting structures on waterways, drainages and dumping refuse on gutters which blocks water channels were some of the harmful practices which cause flash flood with its high possibility to cause huge loses.
Severe flooding have in the last one week devastated several homes, farmlands and other economic concerns belonging to individuals and farming families.
In Bosso area, the housing estate and several of the houses at the Bosso Low cost were flooded and destroyed. Farmlands, poultries, Pens and fish ponds were washed away with huge economic loses running into several millions of naira.
At Maitumbi area, no fewer than thirty houses were demolished as heavy flood water pulled down the walls of residential homes in different locations.
No fewer than nineteen houses at Chanchaga area, Kpakungu and Nikangbe and Albishir areas were washed away just as shops and other business places were not spared by the heavy deluge of water from torrential rainfall.
Governor Sani Bello while he symphatised with the victims of the flood, said the state government would give some assistance within its limited resources.
The governor who returned from Saudi Arabia where he performed this year’s holy pilgrimage along with over two thousand other Muslim faithful from the state, appealed to the federal government to come to the aid of the state to check the perennial occurrence of flood in parts of the state.
He enlisted the assistance of the federal government especially in the area of building drainages and water canals to channel flood water away from flood plains and such lowlands in parts of the state.


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