Fake Agro-Chemicals Cause Loss In Agricultural Production -Investigation

File photo: Rice farm


An investigation that was carried out by our correspondent in Kano has shown that use of  fake agro-chemical sprays is the major cause of  great loss in farm produce to both large and small-scale farmers despite government’s efforts towards agricultural development in Nigeria.

Most of the farms visited  at some rural areas were attacked by different types of either the soil borne diseases or twister on vegetables, while crops like cowpea and  groundnut were suffering from aphids, mosaic or grasshoppers though  various types of chemicals  were sprayed severally but there is no effect because the chemical sprays used are fake.

Malam Haruna Musa said that ” I sprayed chemicals three times but uptill now aphids are seen destroying the crops because all the chemicals I used were fake, that is why I am appealing to both federal and States governments to commence active war against producing  fake chemicals for use on farms in order to ensure that only fake product were sold in the markets”. He stated.

Similarly, Hajiya Amina Halliru an active female farmer told New Nigerian that many agro-cjemicals dealers are selling fake products that are made in houses locally just to get huge amount of money, and assured that ” We would commence full investigation in order to fish out fake agrochemicals from our markets where she called on the real agrochemicals dealers to monitor fake products for severe punishments on every offender caught defrauding farmers with fake products.

The  production and sales of fake chemicals has become a business to agro-dealers in kano state where they specialized in changing the good image of the real producers by using their  bottles, labels and other addresses despite that the product inside is entirely fake, lack value or propose.

In this respect, the Kano State Government has been advised to wade into the matter and establish a strong and independent committee that would check the menace of selling  fake  products to save farmers from produce loss every season.


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