Bugatti Restaurant CEO Advises Parents To Allow Children Pursue Their Dreams

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of Bugattii Restaurant, Miss Maryam Bugattii


Parents in the country have been advised to allow their children pursue their dreams as it is the panache for their development and greatness.

This statement was made by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of Bugattii Restaurant, Miss Maryam Bugattii in an interview with newsmen on Thursday.

According to the graduate of Computer Engineering from Kharkov University in Ukraine, cooking and the hospitality business has always been her passion, what she learnt from her mother who is also in the same profession.

“My mother is in the same business, she has restaurants in Lagos and Kaduna and for me, I have always loved dinning out and tasting different kinds of cuisines.”

Asked what makes her place different, the social and friendly entrepreneur, said her place serves Mixed Oriental, Continental and African Oriented dishes and drinks. “My idea is to serve every client his/her own desire and this place Bugattii allows them to work based on their budget. We are not expensive and not cheap. We give them what they can afford.”

She added that her place which the first of its kind in Kaduna because of the varieties of continental dishes and assorted drinks and wines was a 7 years dream when asked why the choice of business after reading Computer Engineering.

The Adamawa state born, explained that the choice of name for the place was because her friends have always addressed her by the name right from school.

“My friends have always addressed me as Bugattii right from school before I had to look up the name and I liked it. Anyway our dishes are consumable and I know with time we will break.

“My place is unique because of the ambiance. And we have two Arabian Parlours, the Bodes VIP Lounge and the Bugattii Lounge, we also do home delivery even online, event planning and consultancy. Am also into other businesses. Right now we have a sitting capacity for 100 customers and still expanding.”

The restaurant which is located at the 3rd floor of NNDC Shopping Mall on Muhammadu Buhari Road/WAFF Road, Kaduna, is a redefinition of hospitality business in Kaduna and is first of its kind in the metropolis, rendering 24 hours services.



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