Stop Rape Cases Now, Niger NCWS Cries Out

File photo: Participants of one day round table on mobilising and raising women's voices.


President, Niger State chapter of National Council of Women Society, (NCWS), Salimat Mohammed Takuma has cried out against the increasing tide of rape cases especially of minors in the country and warned that decisive action must be taken against all rapists to check the dehumanizing crime.
Salimat Mohammed Takuma said in Minna that relevant authorities must stand firm with stringent measures put in place against Pedophiles particularly and those who commit the ungodly acts of defiling toddlers and other minors as the ugly trend has become a national embarrassment and a cause for  concern.
The Niger chapter President of the NCWS lamented that unless some drastic measures, including severe prosecution of offenders were put in place, rape cases would continue to rubbish family and the place of moral rectitude in the country.
She however condemned mothers who forced their little wards to hawk petty goods I order to earn small money at home even as she advised that endangering the future and life of young child could not be excused under whatever reason.
Salimat Mohammed Takuma similarly blamed parents for overlooking waywardness amongst their wards which according to her leads to bad drug use and abuse by teenagers and youths.
The NCWS state President admonished parents particularly women against sending the girl child into hawking without considering the apparent dangers they were subjecting such innocent young child into.
Mrs. Takuma said every parent owes it a duty to enroll their girl child into school and ensure they were monitored and protected because of their vulnerability as weak and likely prey to all forms of predators.
She called for stringent measures to check rape cases in the country just as she advised parents to report all rape cases to security agencies to help in stopping the scourge.
Salimat Mohammed Takuma argued that reporting such abuse would not do more harm on the image of the family and the rape victim but it would help in stopping the scourge of rape.
“Keeping quiet on cases of abuse only shields the offender and gives the person space to commit more harm” Takuma argued further.


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