Kaduna Deputy Governor Tasks Community On Sanitation

Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe acknowledging cheers in Wusar Community, Igabi LGA


The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe on Monday called on Wusar Community to engage in sanitation around the community and personal hygiene to reduce malaria for a safe environment.

Dr Hadiza Balarabe expressed this, when she  visited Wusar, a community in Igabi Local Government Area that recently experienced the outbreak of measles that killed 13 children in Kaduna.

The aim of the Deputy Governor’s visit to Wusar village was to see for herself the area where a case of measles outbreak claimed the lives of a number of children under the age of three and sympathised with the people of Wusar for the loss and advised them to always ensure their children are immunized.

According to her, “we got a report of an outbreak of measles in this community and we had figures that were attributed to the text that were published because of the measles outbreak in this village.

“it was something that was alarming and we needed to come and verify that information, although there’s a report from a team, WHO,  Ministry of Health and Primary Healthcare Agency to this place, but we need to confirm by ourselves what is read on newspapers.

She said the death of the 13 children gives the  rate of about 5% showing the severity of the outbreak that occurred.

“5% is not really too bad but with death, there’s nothing that is good,” she said.

Hadiza noted that, “we now know what  actually happened, for us what happened was the low routine immunisation rate in the village.”

She further said, “the low routine of immunisation and cases of malnutrition which I believe very strongly  that we do not a have facility that provides information on the available food resources within the community and they have no adequate diet for their children.”

The Deputy Governor frowned at their sanitation, saying ” the sanitation is not too good for the community there are many things that attribute to poor health as we can see stagnant water everywhere,  that gives breeding space for malaria which results to the  death of the children.”

She cautioned the women and mothers  to comply with the state government and provide them with information, assuring them of treatment facility that will help them in taking care of their health.


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