Bauchi Assembly Liaison Adviser Defends Speaker Election

Senator Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor


Consequence upon the leadership crisis bedeviling the Bauchi House of Assembly over the emergence of two Speakers lingering on, the newly sworn-in Special Adviser to the state governor on State and National Assembly Matters, Hon. Mohammed Burra, has called on the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila to be fair to the people of the state.

Speaking shortly after his inauguration, Burra stated that the governor of the state came with the zeal to work and cannot achieve much with the legislature in crisis of leadership or disorder.


It will be recalled that a 12-member adhoc committee of the House of Representatives headed by Musa Sarkin Adar was saddled with the task of finding out the circumstances that led to the emergence of two Speakers in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, whose report is slated for submission Tuesday.


The Sarkin Adar led committee conducted a two-day public hearing during which 28 memos by major stakeholders were submitted to it, in addition to oral testimonies before it left Bauchi for Abuja last Tuesday.


With the decision of the House being awaited, Burra opined that the best recommendation the House under the leadership of Gbajabiamila’ will make is to leave the Speaker elected by 13 members  of the Bauchi State Assembly.


A former member of the state assembly from 2003 to 2007, Burra said: “Clerk of the House had issued prior notice to all the members that the 9th Bauchi State Assembly would be inaugurated On 20th June, 2019 by 10am prompt, but 18 members went to hide themselves somewhere trying to determine who will be the Speaker, who will be the Deputy Speaker and then the 13 that were in the chamber, when it was 10 O’clock the clerk had the right to go ahead with the proceedings of the House”.


Burra stated, “So they went ahead and the first issue was the election of the Speaker, so the clerk went ahead with his duty to elect the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker then the Speaker inaugurated the remaining members”.


“Based on my own knowledge, on the Standing Order of the House. There is nothing wrong in the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House. For the remaining 18 members, they denied themselves the right to vote or to be voted for because they hid themselves somewhere outside the chamber because the Speaker and Deputy Speaker must be elected with the clerk in charge and there must be mace, the symbol of authority”.


“For the 13 that elected the Speaker Abubakar Yakubu Suleiman and the Deputy Speaker Danlami Kawule, they conducted everything within the chamber and according to the Standing Rules and the Nigerian Constitution. There is nothing wrong with that election except if they want to just create unnecessary crisis in the state, and the Speaker is from APC so what are talking about”, Burra queried.


The Special Adviser, who contested for Senate (Bauchi Central) in the last general election, argued that if members of the state Assembly identify some weaknesses in the leadership elected by 13 members, they have the right to change it.


He added: “When we were in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, the first Speaker we had, we were not comfortable with him and we impeached him and brought another speaker. So the members of the state assembly have the right to change the leadership at any time or moment they feel like so doing”.


“The National Assembly should be fair to the people of Bauchi state and allow the current leadership of the House to stay so that our state can witness some development within the first 100 days  because the Governor has a lot of projects he wants to execute within the 100 days in office and already we have  exhausted 45 or so days”.


“If not because of the current crisis, I am sure the state would have started witnessing many tangible projects. I am calling on the Committee sent by the leadership of the House of Rep to be fair to the people of Bauchi
State, to be sincere and fair to us to allow the current leadership of the state assembly to continue”, Burra concluded.


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