Fulanis Safety: Arewa Groups Disagree With Miyetti Allah Faction

File photo: Fulani herdsman controlling heard of cattle.

By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), have thrown their support and stand behind Professor Ango Abdullahi and the Northern Elders Forum in the protection of the interest of Northern Nigeria and its people from any form of humiliation from any part of the country.

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF), had through its chairman, Professor Ango Abdullahi suggested that the Fulani herdsmen residing in the Southern part of the country return back to the North to avoid any intimidation.

CNG in a statement through its spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman issued on Saturday said, “For the avoidance of doubt, we stand solidly behind Professor Ango Abdullahi and the Northern Elders Forum in the protection of the interest of northern Nigeria and its people from any form of humiliation from any quarter.

“The CNG also remains unruffled in deeming the targeting of the entire Fulani for systematic dehumanization, alienation or any action that will render them objects of attack and persecution immoral, illegal and abhorrent to our sensibilities and ordinary decency and unacceptable.”

The Coalition of Northern Groups said they are compelled to respond to what they described as reported rude remarks against respected elders of the northern region and in particular, Professor Ango Abdullahi by certain Ibrahim Abdullahi and Saleh Alasan who they observed claim sole monopoly of the right to speak on matters that involve the current stigmatisation of the Fulani race, the North and Islam.

CNG noted, “We are thus compelled for the reason that these two individuals claiming to be speaking for the Miyetti Allah and a certain Gan group were complicitly silent when certain people accused the those they profess to be speaking for were accused of being part of a scheme to Islamise and Fulanitize Nigeria.”

The Arewa groups  expressed surprise that the aboved individuals who were perhaps busy enjoying the proceeds made from soliciting funds in the name of the suffering Fulani have not noticed the threat by Gani Adams to mobilize two million hunters to forcefully chase the Fulani out of the South West.

They added that the individuals were so busy seeking patronage from government houses as not to notice the publicised decisions of the South East governors to curtail the movement of the Fulani and their cattle in South East states.

“They were comfortable with their families fortified in buildings in the cities as not to notice the threat to the pastoral communities in the South who were extrajudicially accused of killing the daughter of the Afenifere leader Fasoranti with threats of retaliation by southern leaders.

These individuals who find it convenient to be rude to elders of the North for merely expressing concern for the safety of the pastoralists outside the North in the face of these latent threats were deaf dumb and blind throughout the time the revered personalities of Sheikh Usman Danfodio, the Sardauna of Sokoto and every northern symbol of respect were falsely implicated in being architects of a plan to Islamise and Fulanitize Nigeria allegedly pursuid by the government you incidentally pretend to be protecting,” the statement explained.

CNG recalled the noble role played by the northern elders in ensuring the safeguard of the Fulani when they were unduly subjected to mass attacks in Taraba, Benue, Adamawa and other states at a time the groups alleged that the two groups said to be represented by these two individuals were safely sealing deals with the aggressors and their sponsors.

CNG stated, “It is also questionable that these people who say they talk for Miyetti Allah and the Gan group would only speak against concerns shown by elders while all along appearing to be asleep when several leaders of the South were advocating for the Fulani to be declared as terrorists without distinction between those that commit offences and those that don’t.

“Ironically too, one of these two men who had the effrontery to attribute partisanship to our bold and necessary step and the noble patriotic move of the northern elders was among those who publicly declared support for the PDP and the then President Jonathan in 2015 when the elders they now insult and our groups sacrificed everything to ensure a return of power to the North in the hope for a better deal for the region, which unfortunately is not forthcoming.”

The Arewa groups alleged that Saleh Alasan benefited from the Jonathan government including land allocation in the FCT, made the declaration of support for Jonathan and even made him life patron of Miyetti Allah which led to its factionalization, to now accuse others of working for a particular party, is indebted the highest peak hypocrisy can ever climb to.

The groups observed, “While awakening these individuals to the futility of continuing in the dream that any northerner requires their clearance to speak, we advise them, when they eventually get round to taking the legal action they threatened, to remember to join the millions of northerners who refuse to be comfortable with the disparaging of the region’s founding fathers, their region’s values, culture and traditions.

“They should also join in the suit, the millions who impliedly and expressly are not willing to accept the profiling, labeling and targeting of one ethnic and religious group or the other for whatever reason or justification.”


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