Partner Kaduna Govt In Providing Quality Education, Deputy Governor Tells Private Schools

Trophies on display at the Annual Scholastic Programme "Spelling Bee Competition" organized by "The Open Classroom" of Essence International School at L.E.A Primary School, Unguwar Rimi, in Kaduna.


The Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe,  on Thursday called on different proprietors of schools to partner with Kaduna State Government to imbibe  quality education by  providing learning opportunities for future generations.

Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe expressed this,  alongside the wife of the State Governor, Architect Hadiza Isma el-Rufai who attended the Annual Scholastic Programme “Spelling Bee Competition” organized by “The Open Classroom” of Essence International School at L.E.A Primary School, Unguwar Rimi, in Kaduna.

The Spelling Bee Competition is an initiative of “The Open Classroom”, a Non-profit Organization of Essence International School that was established by the school to carry out some corporate – social responsibilities of helping disadvantaged children in learning in the state and the country at large.

According to her, it is a pleasing experience for her to be there to witness the collaboration  between private and public institutions,  helping to develop the capacity of children in terms of education.

“This is really  good and enlightening,”she said.

While she commended  the boldness taken,  “we have come to see for ourselves, how  Essence International School,  has taken  steps in imparting knowledge to the public school children, it is a thing of joy.”

She called on other school proprietors in the state to come and partners  with Kaduna State Government so that they can provide this kind  opportunities for children who do not have the opportunity of being in school.

Hadiza encouraged proprietress of Essence International School to look around, it is beyond between the school.

Dr. Hadiza urged parents to strive and send their children to school so that they can learn to  be a good citizens.

“Education provide you the capacity to know your right.”

She called on the children to concentrate on their studies.

“I encourage you to read hard,  so that you compete with  other children in other states even though at your level, you have all  tried your best, I am proud of you,” she said.

Explaining on reforms, she said, “the reforms which the State Government has embarked on  is to employ qualified teachers that will impart good learning to pupils in public schools.”

The proprietresses, Essence International School, Hadiza Mohammed, said the aim of the Spelling Bee,  is to teach poise, self confidence, foster good study habits, perseverance and persistence.

According to her, it is to encourage reading for school and for leisure, improve vocabulary, diction and making dictionary their good friends.

She said that Essence International School Open Classroom is dedicated to teaching Africa’s children and linking up with other educators around the world in pursuit of the goal literacy for all.

“We operate a school in a rural settlement of Airport road and partner with LEA Ungwan Rimi Primary School for the spelling Bee and for Teachers Training,” she added.

Speaking on their achievements, she said the Open Classroom has been able to connect with teachers and students in Niger Republic, Kenya, Brazil and USA.

At the event, the children from public schools read with a portion of a book before an audience and judges.

They read fluently with expressions.

The best reader was given a special prize, two others were given consolation prizes as well.


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